Chuck: 4×11 – Chuck Versus The Balcony

Sarah: I’ve been to many places to the world but I’ve never been to a place as beautiful as this.

Chuck: I have.  Every day.  Every morning I wake up and I look at you… the way we brush our teeth tandem style, when we watch TV together, whatever, anything, always, any time I look at you, it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been …. It’s just I feel like I should be James Bond right now, you know the guy who’s standing on this balcony with you right now in this moment …

Sarah: I didn’t fall in love with James Bond, I fell in love with you.

Chuck: Sarah, I’m gonna ask you a question right now so please don’t freak out, okay?

Sarah: I won’t.

Chuck: I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Going on missions and saving the day and being the hero but mostly though I just want to be with you, at your side.  Always.

…. and then the rest of the scene didn’t quite play out as planned but the intention was there.

First, the proposal!!!!!  I think I would have preferred it if it had been something extremely epic (not in a restaurant or on a balcony) and that Sarah didn’t expect it (I mean, I think it’s good that they talked about it in the beginning of the season but it would have been nice to have the moment itself be a surprise).  However, that wouldn’t be very Chuck like.

The opening scene was hilarious!  The way Chuck had to rush around to stop the champagne, string quartet, balloons and horse and carriage!  Bless!  I loved Morgan being “mission control” and walking Chuck through his proposal plan but what I loved even more was the  the Morgan/Sarah scene where she demanded he tell her all the intel on Chuck’s proposal and she took over the mission because she wanted to make it perfect for him since he was worrying so much about it being perfect for her.  Oh and then when Casey also started helping Morgan with the proposal mission!!!!!!  Casey “shipping” Chuck/Sarah is literally the best thing ever!
Morgan giving Sarah permission to marry Chuck.  [“I think for the first time in my life I’m nervous!”].  Sarah slipping the ring box back into Chuck’s pocket so as not to ruin the moment, the moment itself …..

And they had to interrupt it, of course they did….. but then Casey telling Chuck about his proposal and telling him that “all you need is the girl”

Now I want to know how they’re going to do the real proposal.  Is it going to be something simple in the finale where they’re all drained from everything they’ve been through and Chuck just says “Sarah, I’ve been wanting to ask you this for a really long time, will you marry me?” or will they be seconds away from near-death and he blurts it out or will she actually ask him?

Looking ahead, I’m not going to lie, I am nervous about this Sarah double agent storyline.  Not sure how she is going to convince Volkoff that she betrayed her country but also the guy she clearly loves.  The thing about this show that I learnt from last season is when it gets given a shortened season and then gets supersized, the first half is really strong, then it gets a bit dodgy in terms of big story arcs but then it goes back to being awesome by the finale.  I just hope this double agent thing doesn’t last the rest of the season.

But to end this on a high note, let’s talk about Lester’s storyline …. LMAO!!!!  I think this is one of my favourite Jeff/Lester storylines.  Hilarious!  Jeffster covering Whitesnake


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