Criminal Minds: 6×12 – Corazon

My least favourite episode of the season and one of my least favourite episodes ever.  What have I said about episodes based on religion / cults?  I do not like.  Not only do I have no interest in such things but I think trying to explain your serial killing by linking it with a religion is a cop out.  And the decapitation of  cat and dog plus seeing the decapitated human corpse – is that really necessary?  I can stand the occasional graphic dead body but killing animals, really???

And Reid’s headaches?  DO NOT WANT.  Not only are we having another Reid-centric storyline but ever since Izzie’s hallucinations/headaches I have been wary of all such storylines.  No, no, no, no, NO!  Don’t make this into a storyline I grow to hate.  This season already has so many things stacked against it!

And what is the purpose of Seaver?  I mean I want to accept her into the show and like her but how can I do that when her presence there is unexplained and how can she possibly make useful contributions to 90% of cases?!  And the worst thing is that they didn’t even explain it by having one of the other guys take her under their wing and explain everything to her in a clear teacher/student relationship to at least give her character progression – she’s just ….. there.  She contributed absolutely nothing in this episode, not to the case and not to the characterisation and episode as a whole.  I know some people used to question JJ’s role in the team but at least she played a more active role in solving the case / comforting relatives / to the show as a whole by interacting with other characters more than Seaver does.  Argh.  I mean obviously TPTB want us to like Seaver and hopefully move on from the whole JJ/AJ thing but they’re not doing a very good job at promoting her to us!!!!!

You know how when a series launches a spinoff and the cast of the original series gets interviewed, they usually say something like “yeah, I hope it succeeds, we have such a great show it’s good to have spinoffs etc. etc.” or if they’re not so keen, it’s cleverly disguised with diplomatically wording?  Well, for the first time I read an interview with the Criminal Minds cast whereby most of them indicate that they want the CM spinoff to fail (don’t we all?!) as they feel like they got shafted and they blame the Spinoff for the whole AJ/Paget thing (don’t we all?!).  Good for them, I say.  I mean it’s not like they’re afraid that if they say bad things, they’ll get fired.  *eye roll*  Also, I DO NOT like the fact Paget says that Prentiss gets involved with something which may or may not lead to her demise.  This does not sound good.  You’re not allowed to kill off Prentiss okay?!  We have a deal here fandom gods, right?  I try and move on from the whole JJ/AJ thing and you promise never to kill Prentiss off???  Deal?


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