Nikita: 1×12 – Free

I love Maggie Q. This was her response to Lyndsy Fonseca talking about the potential for any of the characters becoming involved with each other, including Michael/Alex.

However, Fonseca’s co-star Maggie Q (Nikita) suggested that the potential romance [Michael/Alex] would be “creepy”.

“It’s hard for me to think that because [Alex is] so young,” she explained. “I think if they did that it would be weird. She’s 19 and he’s a man. I hope [they don’t do it] because I don’t think that reads well.”

Q previously suggested that Michael could become involved in a love triangle with Nikita and Ryan Fletcher (Noah Bean).

YES!!! THANK YOU! And she has quite a lot of input with the show so I’m hoping that they take her thoughts on this into account (though I have to say I do see some sort of Michael/Alex dynamic developing as the show goes on though this all depends on how much Nikita has told her about Michael and about her past with him.  Also, although Michael definitely likes Alex – platonically or otherwise – Alex seems to be far too busy getting involved guys around her age to give him much notice).

However, funnily enough the Michael/Alex doesn’t creep me out so much because of the age gap (presumably Michael/Nikita started when she was a recruit too, although she might not have been as young) but because that would be an insurmountable roadblock for Nikita/Alex partnership.  And since no couple in this show is ever going to get their happy ever after anyway, let’s focus on making this show less complicated than it already is!!!

Also in this interview Maggie says she’s basically against The CW’s plans to make the show less dark and gritty and more appealing to teenage girls and that she’s not going to play to that. You go girl!  The CW must be scratching its head as to how they bought a show which has gone 12 whole episodes without anyone having sex with anyone else.  Anyway, I think the whole “making the show poppier and more appealing to the CW’s key demo” is going to apply more to Alex isn’t it?  She’s going to get it on with her poor innocent civilian neighbour isn’t she no matter how much Nikita AND Division tell her not to.  Don’t do it Alex!  Listen to your mentor.  She is wise in all things.

Oh how much do I love this show? Seriously

I love the opening sequence with Alex’s nightmare and seeing Thom and having that be mixed up with her mission with Nikita and her past. Exactly how I’d like it.

Alex/Nikita hug in the department store. How cute was that? It was like they were really relieved to see each other. Love how Alex tried to share the blame with Nikita about Division believing that Thom was the mole. And the way that Nikita realised something was up with the tracker device but didn’t want to tell Alex to worry her.  The way Nikita will do anything to protect Alex is really adorable.  Like in the last episode, she risked absolutely everything to save Alex’s life and Alex still doesn’t quite get that.


FLASHBACK to Alex when she was little in Russia!!!

Alex’s apartment block is super cool.  It’s like a posh hotel corridor.  Alex and her jars of marshmallow fluff!  I have no idea what that actually is but anyway …  Ah Nathan/Alex.  I think it’s too soon after Thom.  I would have liked to have one whole episode of her just being emotionally scarred from the whole Thom thing.  I know she probably still is underneath it all but I don’t think we need another love interest for her so soon, especially since this one is probably going to be even more complicated than Thom/Alex if that’s possible!

Nikita rolling her eyes at Birkhoff’s sexual inuendo joke.  I love their relationship.  The way she threatens him is awesome.

Awwh Alex is intrigued by the thought of a social life … and she just totally kicked that guy’s ass in front of everyone.  That was super awesome the way that she did that but probably not a wise idea!  Don’t get attached to Nathan!  Things can only end badly Alex!  You know this!  Stop having ~feelings~.  Amanda speaks sense for once!!

No no no don’t tell Ryan about Alex!  Why didn’t you give him a fake reason/name?!  You’re smarter than that Nikita!  I bet you that comes back to haunt you.  Was anyone else totally surprised when Nikita was so honest with him?  I know she needs him to trust her but she could have told him the purpose of the mission without giving away the name of her mole!  Gosh darnit Ryan finding out about Alex and becoming close to revealing their secret is going to haunt me now for episodes, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

That Michael/Nikita look in the middle of the fight!  Love how everything slows down just for that split second so they could slip a ~look~ in there.  So happy to hear that they will have a talk about what happened in Uzbekistan in a future episode.

That Nikita viral video is a great idea but also scarily creepy!

Nikita kissing Ryan.  You know I could get on board this epic Nikita/Michael/Owen/Ryan thing!  Maggie said there’s going to be an episode coming up where Michael gets jealous!  Whooo!

Nikita giving Alex a way out again!  Selfless!  I love that Nikita is so willing – almost wanting – Alex to leave her and this world behind and go live a normal life, even though it would be detrimental to her overall mission.  I like how Alex becoming Agent was never part of the plan.  I also thinking promoting Alex when we’re still only halfway through the first season was a bold move by the writers.  I thought that would be a season two type of thing.  I know that they probably worried about how many storylines they could give Alex stuck in Division but still now they’ve opened the big wide world, the storylines are only going to get more complicated and now Nikita is going to be continually worried about having to save Alex’s life/cover.

Finally, I love how Alex’s past linked in with her nightmare.  They played Dido’s ‘Life For Rent’!!


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