Rewatch: Rome

Before Bruno Heller did The Mentalist and before Kevin McKidd did Grey’s Anatomy, there was ROME.  It is sometimes hard to overlook the historical inaccuracies and the horrendous telescoping of events but what other TV show has the largest standing outdoor set ever made and 4000+ costumes for a total of 22 episodes. I also […]

Chuck: 4×15 – Chuck Versus The CAT Squad

How is it possible that Chuck can keep just getting better and better?  I mean every episode sends me into a flailing fit.  And it’s getting funnier.  This week’s opening sequence with the fake-ad for the CAT squad?  LMAO. And Chuck/Sarah defy all precedent in that I actually love them the same amount if not more […]

Friday Night Lights: 5×13 – Always

Friday Night Lights series finale: Most epic use of montage EVER.  Has a show ever gone that long without dialogue before???  And then when there was dialogue it was like one sentence … back to montage, therefore a quarter of the episode was just background music with some beautiful camera work. Love the beautiful promo […]

Chuck: 4×14 – Chuck Versus The Seduction Impossible

Ahhhhh! It was like TPTB read my post last week and decided to heed my advice and handed us this fantastic episode basically fulfilling all of my wishes: bad guy (girl!) of the week, Casey/Kathleen (not that they shared a scene but still I count this as development), Mary being an awesome grandma, hilarious scenes […]

Rewatch: NCIS Season 1

1.01 – [“NCIS anything like CSI” “Only if you’re dyslexic”] Agent Fornell! Hang on, shouldn’t he and Gibbs know each other? Isn’t that engrained in their backstory?! Okay, it’s the pilot so I can let it slide. I can see where Gibbs/Kate shippers get their material from, especially in the Pilot. ALAN DALE!! I love […]

Friday Night Lights: 5×12 – Small Town/Texas Whatever

Seriously how can Billy and Mindy afford to have twins as well as look after Stevie?!?!  I think it’s important for me to state once again how much Mindy (and Billy to a certain extent) has grown on me this season.  I mean there you have a prime example of how a relatively minor character […]

Friday Night Lights: 5×11 – The March

Wow did we really just speed through 4 football games in one episode?  So we’ve fast-forwarded through at least 2 months?  It actually worked really well.  I mean it must be hard constantly having to write football games which has that “will they win ….. oh yes they do at the very last minute” tension […]

Top 12 Best Uses Of Music In A TV Episode

If I could have any job it would be the music producer on a TV show.  You know, the guy who gets to choose what music is played over what scenes in an episode.  Coolest job, ever. Since that’s never going to happen, I decided to make this list.  I chose them based on how much […]

Chuck: 4×13 – Chuck Versus The Push Mix

Holy crap you guys!  Last week’s episode of Chuck!  How is it physically possible to go from crying due to absolute hilarity to crying due to utter cuteness/perfection/happiness for all 3 OTPs in the space of five minutes?!?!  No wonder Josh Schwartz said the final ten minutes of this episode was the greatest ten minutes […]