Chuck: 4×13 – Chuck Versus The Push Mix

Holy crap you guys!  Last week’s episode of Chuck!  How is it physically possible to go from crying due to absolute hilarity to crying due to utter cuteness/perfection/happiness for all 3 OTPs in the space of five minutes?!?!  No wonder Josh Schwartz said the final ten minutes of this episode was the greatest ten minutes of the show’s history.  And apparently they wrote it before they knew they would get the backorder of episodes so this was originally intended as the series finale?  And consequently it now becomes the “greatest mid-season episode ever”.  I just can’t!  The way this show goes effortlessly from action to comedy to drama is just astounding.  AND they used a song by a New Zealand band which has just been voted one of BBC’s sound of 2011.

Lester: Without us that kid is going to grow up listening to Snow Patrol and Coldplay and we just can’t have that can we?<Cue mother of all hilarious scenes ….>

With all the Jeffster songs we’ve had this one edges out “Blaze Of Glory” and has just topped

“Mr Roboto” being played at Awesome/Ellie’s wedding.  I just could not stop laughing.

This is how you do character progression!  Look how much Chuck has matured, finally becoming the super cool spy with a plan when his family needs him the most.  Loved the plan that he and Morgan drew up!  Chuck/Morgan kidnapping the wrong guy!  LOL!  Morgan and the wetsuits!  Haha!  Morgan’s yoga technique through the lasers and the awkward nakedChuck/Morgan hug.  The way Chuck tricked Volkoff into giving the voice activation for Hydra!  And General Beckman!  Yay!  You go Chuck!  I love how he made use of Orion/his father.

Loved Mary/Sarah working together.  I hope that they keep Linda Hamilton around and have her go on a couple of missions with Chuck and Sarah.  I think that could be pretty cool.

Volkoff/Timothy Dalton is funny!  That video phone call with Frost/Mary/Chuck’s Mum was hilarious.  However, glad that we’ve finally seen the last of him (hopefully.  I don’t want a repeat of last season where Shaw just refused to die!) being out in the big wide world.

Awesome freaking out at becoming a father ❤ ❤ ❤ <3.  Casey giving him the talk and telling him how he regrets not being able to be there when Alex was born ❤ ❤ <3.  Love that scene.

Casey not letting Sarah apologise for throwing him out of the window.  It’s nice when we get to see their friendship/partnership.

Alex!  What a great little addition to the core six.  Love getting to see her relationship with Casey and Morgan develop.  Are we going to get to see her Mum again soon?  Possibly see Casey get his childhood sweetheart back?

Jeffster!!!!! I almost wet myself!  This is on a level with Mr Roboto for complete inappropriateness.  And the look on Ellie’s face when she starts hearing it come through the tannoy system!  I think that’s what cracked me up so much!

And then the whole “Young Blood” sequence – everyone’s paired off into their little sub families: Morgan/Casey/Alex, Awesome/Ellie/Baby/Ellie’s Mum, AND THE FINAL FINAL FINAL SCENE.  Chuck/Sarah – The Proposal Scene!  The way the camera panned out so we couldn’t hear anything but just see it.  Gah!  THIS SHOW!  THIS SHOW!

I have to say that I could see how this would have been a satisfying end to the series.  Not that I’m not grateful that we still have another half-season at the very least to go but now they’ve wrapped up Volkoff’s storyline, how are they going to create a bad guy ever eviller than him so quickly? Can we go back to having the “bad guy of the week” like we did in the early days??  And remember last season when we had a solid first half to the season but the second half kind of grew weaker?  Basically, I don’t know how they can top this.  That’s the trouble with this show always being in danger of getting cancelled.  If they had gotten the full order of 22/24 episodes at the start then we could have seen Chuck without the Intersect for longer, had a couple more episodes with Sarah going undercover with Chuck’s Mum (the way they rushed it meant it wasn’t really believable how worried Chuck was about her becoming like his Mum when she was only gone for like one episode) and they could have made the whole final ‘bringing down Volkoff’ even more spectacular and then the final montage would have been even more satisfying than it was …. i.e. outstanding instead of really awesome!  Still, I’m definitely excited to see where the show’s going to go now.  I presume we’re going to get to see a Chuck/Sarah wedding complete with a bundle of mission-related interruptions and JEFFSTER!


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