Friday Night Lights: 5×11 – The March

Wow did we really just speed through 4 football games in one episode?  So we’ve fast-forwarded through at least 2 months?  It actually worked really well.  I mean it must be hard constantly having to write football games which has that “will they win ….. oh yes they do at the very last minute” tension in it without it being repetitive.

I absolutely loved the scene where the guys showed up on Coach’s lawn and the fact that he basically loved them for it.  It’s those glorious little moments that I’ll miss so much.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the epic game-winning, slow-motion scenes too but something as simple as this?  It just says so much.

I love that they’re making Vince’s Dad the bad guy again rather than a bad guy trying to be good.  Every time he’s on screen I am overcome with the desire to inflict physical harm on him and I much prefer Coach playing the father figure to Vince.

Oh gosh, JESS IS SO FREAKING AWESOME.  I absolutely loved her scenes with Coach and how she doesn’t let the odds deter her from following her dream.  A female football coach?  Hell yes.  And I kind of love how Coach didn’t immediately embrace the idea because that would have been too open-minded for anyone to believe but he let her passion for it win him over.

That Tim/Billy scene?  So real, so heartbreaking but so necessary.  Tim is this amazing guy with the whole bad boy image but with such a huge heart underneath it.  No wonder he’s angry with Billy – he went to prison for him!

I am so proud of Tami ……. but I hope she doesn’t go.  I don’t know if I can take the thought of the Lions/Panther existing without Coach Taylor.

Vince/Mum!!!  ADORABLE.  I love that he’s now this super cool hotshot football player …. who still loves his Mum and isn’t afraid to show it.  Every time there’s a scene with Vince and his Mum I want to melt into a puddle of goo and MARRY VINCE.  (Or I’ll take Luke.  I’m not that fussy because Luke is just *squee* ….. moving on …)


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