Friday Night Lights: 5×12 – Small Town/Texas Whatever

Seriously how can Billy and Mindy afford to have twins as well as look after Stevie?!?!  I think it’s important for me to state once again how much Mindy (and Billy to a certain extent) has grown on me this season.  I mean there you have a prime example of how a relatively minor character can still have huge, beautifully written character development.  LOL at her freaking out about having to live in a tent.

I love how politely Tami pointed out to Coach that they’ve always moved for his job and the whole “18 years” comment.  “I’m going to say to you what you haven’t had the grace to say to me.  Congratulations, Eric.”  Again, I think Coach really needed to be more supportive but I guess the way it played out was realistic.  I sort of want a situation where Coach finally decides to move for Tami’s job and then something happens and the college withdraws the job offer to Tami or something so they can stay in Dillon?  I can’t bear the thought of them not being in Dillon.

TYRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (And Tyra’s Mum!)  Tyra/Julie friendship.  THIS IS OLD SCHOOL!  Tim/Tyra – even MORE old school.  “Tyra please don’t go.”  You know, at the beginning of the season I thought they were going to get Lyla back and end it with Tim/Lyla but Tim/Tyra is kind of ….. right?  “Alaska, Tim?”

Poor Luke at his meeting college meeting.  I love how he tried to be grateful but you could tell that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get excited at the prospect of going to nowheresville.  Awwh Luke/Becky.  For the first time he’s normal rather than an absolute angel.  I absolutely LOVED the Tim/Luke conversation.  I’m also glad that the whole Tim/Becky thing was dealt with and Becky was honest with Luke.

Awwh Jess wanting to be a coach so much.  Vince’s Speech!

Vince:  Before football I was going nowhere fast, straight to juvie.  Playing for the East Dillon Lions probably saved my life.  I got a bond with my teammates that will never be broken.  I got a Coach that’s been like a father to me.  He shows up and gives a hundred percent every game, every practice.  It’s more than just a game to us: football is our life.


DEVIL TOWN PLAYING!  Vince/Coach Hug!  BEST MOMENT EVER!!!  The guys running around the Lions field ❤ ❤ ❤ <3.

Matt/Grandma Saracen!!!!!!!!!  Awwh she mentioned his father!


I cannot believe that it’s the series finale tonight.  I don’t think I’ve full experienced an ending of a show like this.  In most cases the series finale happens when a) the show’s run has been too short to get fully emotionally invested in it, b) I stopped caring about/watching the show long ago or c) the writers don’t know the show’s going to get cancelled so the last episode is just like any other episode.  This finality must be like what all the LOST fans suffered through last year.

I mean I actually feel like I’m a resident of Dillon about to get kicked out of my own town!  I want to stalk the characters’ lives even after the finale.  I feel like I’m about the lose a dozen of my best friends.  Is this a normal reaction?  How will I cope without having Kyle Chandler on my screen every week?  Will the rest of my life be made out of an endless cycle of FNL reruns as I try to feed my state of denial?  Will there be public mourning and group therapy sessions provided?


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