Rewatch: NCIS Season 1

1.01 – [“NCIS anything like CSI” “Only if you’re dyslexic”] Agent Fornell! Hang on, shouldn’t he and Gibbs know each other? Isn’t that engrained in their backstory?! Okay, it’s the pilot so I can let it slide. I can see where Gibbs/Kate shippers get their material from, especially in the Pilot. ALAN DALE!! I love how sarcastic Kate is. GREGORY ITZIN!!! Nice play with the body swap. “Ducky, why would Abby going to a fat party?”] Kate explaining her relationship with the Major to Gibbs. Awkward! Gibbs/Kate in the toilet. Awwh poor Kate. The Pilot has definitely grown on me since the first time I watched it. It sort of has a different feel to the rest of the series, less procedural.

1.02 – I love the theme tune, it’s so addictive! I remember this episode really well. Parker from Veronica Mars!!!! Love that Gibbs gives her her boyfriend’s jacket to wear. Tony explaining to Gibbs what Dashboard Confessional and emo music is. Kate/Abby fist pump! Kate/Abby gun/tattoo talk! [“How did you get into NCIS?” “I smiled.”] Awwh Gibbs and the little boy.

1.03 – [“For the last time Kate, I was only trying to get my seatbelt on.” “Right … seatbelt.”] Mention of the sexual harassment seminar. Hehe! Gerald and his earplugs. Love Gibbs/Abby signing at each other. [“You should wash your hands with soap for saying that”]. I wish I could draw half as well as Kate. Fornell!!! GREGORY ITZIN!

1.04 – [“We’re not all sleeping here are we? Together?”] Another episode I know well. I think I’ve rewatched the first half of this season quite a few times. Love Abby’s keyboard. LOL at her playing the game. [“You know this reminds me of something ….. actually I can’t think of a thing that it reminds me of.”] Lol Ducky! Haha the ship assistant throwing clothes at Tony. I forgot all about Kate being Catholic. Awwh Tony touched her shoulder checking that she was all right. Abby explaining the case to Ducky. Tony’s present to Kate!! [“I work with pigs.”]

1.05 – I love the theme tune and credits. TFOAs – Things Falling Off Aircrafts. Hee. [“Why do you need two ‘B’s? Second one’s for bastard”] Gibbs and his bad eyesight! [“He does this just to screw with me, doesn’t he?”] Haha Kate and Gibbs’ chick flick / guy’s flick move analogies. Jan from The Office!!!! Gibbs waking up when he smelt coffee!

1.06 – LOL! They look hilarious in those helmets. Tony and Gibbs confusing Kate. Tony being jealous of Gibbs/Stan. Heh. [“I have no idea what you just said.” “Neither do I but the intent was sincere.”] [“Please Gerald, this is not dinner theatre.”] Tony/Kate racing to the admin room. [“DiNozzo, how’s she doing?” “She’s smiling.”]

1.07 – McGee!!!! [“You look like hell.” “A woman loves to hear that, Tony.”] [“I’ve never experienced Gibbs without his morning coffee. We’re in uncharted waters here Kate.”] This episode isn’t as familiar as the rest! You tell ‘em Kate! Hee McGee asking about Abby. [“I just know that there’s a point here somewhere.”] That’s so cool that the submarine does that! Erm, Gibbs/Kate. Awkward. That is so cool that they torpedo the dead body off the submarine. A really really good episode. Couldn’t remember a lot about it so it was like watching it for the first time again.

1.08 – Funny opening. [“The women I date think the smell of sawdust is sexy. That’s why I don’t date many women.”] Everyone seems to be spilling Gibbs’ coffee nowadays! Paula Cassidy!!!!!! Ooh I think this episode has some of my favourite moments in it if I remember rightly. Tony/Kate fighting over the bedroom. The iguana! Kate and Gibbs bursting into Tony’s room guns at the ready! Kate winking at Tony! [“I need coffee.”] Abby/Benjamin. The look on his face when he sees all the other bottles of perfume. Awwh. Bless. Tony staring at the iguana. Kate/Tony brother/sister banter. Ducky’s mother. Lol. Kate sticking up for Tony and telling Gibbs he can be a real bastard. [“My cursor has moved across places that would make Tony blush.”] Kate trying to comfort Tony about Paula. Kate trying to get Tony to fix things with Paula. Bless. [“Why do women always want to fix what doesn’t need fixing?” “Makes us all warm inside.”]

– Love the team at the gun range. [“If we screw this up I have a suggestion: we break into Gibbs’ basement and set his boat on fire.” “That’s cold, Kate. I knew there was a reason I liked you.”] Awwh, Tony/Abby. [“Gibbs will get in. He has clearance that will let him see the dead aliens in Area 51.” “Because he probably killed them”] Kate gave Tony her cap? Awh. Kate’s drawings. Tony, Gibbs and Abby finding Kate’s drawings of themselves “I’m a man of action, Kate.” “More like an action figure.” “Why, do you want to play with me?” “As in you look good but really can’t do much.” “But I look good.”] Being embalmed whilst you’re still alive? Got to be a bad way to go. [“That must have been one lonely old lady.” “And one pissed off poodle.”] LMAO! Gibbs waking up cheerful – Tony/Kate …. not so much. “Now I know why everybody in the CIA hates these guys.”] I love the ending of the episode! Tony and Kate letting bullets fly, the marine with the wounded ear, Gibbs leaving Tony/Kate bickering.

1.10 – Tony sleeping in the office! Gibbs on his boat! Love the way he warms up his coffee. Oh gosh, I remember this episode! Kate gets played, right? Kate and the doctor! Asking whether he’s related to Ducky! Kate don’t bond with the victim! She’s not who you think! You’re setting yourself up for a fall! She’s lying to you Kate! The fact that the company is called BFF makes me smile. Oh so she was buried alive, there’s at least that. I thought she made the whole thing up. Love Tony telling Gibbs they have to do something for Kate.

1.11 – I am so jealous of Tony and his doughnuts. Hee Kate psyching him out about his weight. Tony in Ducky’s “suit”. Lol. McGee!! Crab in the body bag! Love Kate teasing Tony! Hehe! [“We IM each other almost every day.” “You do? That’s good right?”] Tony and Kate exchanging looks about Abby and Ashton. [“With the exception of finding a decent barber, Gibbs can do pretty much anything he says he can.”] Sometimes Ducky’s ramblings are actually quite interesting.

– It’s Sawyer from LOST, right?? Kate’s tattoos. [“Where is it?” “Nowhere you will ever see.”] Love Ducky’s long story and then Gibbs saying “that’s a right foot.” LOL. Hah! Darlene – I love that name! [“Cremation – It’s a dead end.”] LOL! Kate’s expression when she hears Gibbs flirting. Not such a sweet old lady after all! Haha Gibbs ~knowing~ all about Kate’s tattoo!

1.13 – “Iraq will pretty much be over” … erm?? Sick timing there. TJ Thyne!!! [“That’s not how they do it on CSI.”] All those dolls are creepy! Abby’s impression of Ducky! Tony/Kate’s “dirty” conversation … about how to use chopsticks!! [“Alone eating Chinese food again. What a refreshing change, Kate.”] Haha Gibbs saying that Tony/Kate bickering reminded him of marriage. Kate as a marine!

1.14 – Awwh Tony’s Kate’s emergency contact. Charlie the sheriff! Love Tony and Kate’s expressions regarding the Gibbs/Charlie. Twins. Of course!

1.15 – It’s that guy from LOST! Love Kate’s jumper. Gibbs telling them about Rule 12 [“Do all Marines build boats?” “Only the ones that have been married a few times.” “Why’s that?” “The other ones can afford to buy one.”] I love them all running out of the house waiting for the bomb to explode and then … nothing. Love them talking about Pirates Of The Caribbean. Tony/Kate drawing! Love the way Gibbs trapped those people tailing him. The start of the Gibbs/Fornell elevator talks! Tony/Kate asking Ducky for advice regarding Gibbs. Tony/Kate/Abby staging an intervention <3.

1.16 – I have a love/hate relationship with this episode. It is an awesome episode but it also marks the beginning of the end for Kate. 😦 Gibbs being annoyed at his lack of knowledge about modern technology. Lol. Abby’s phobia! I forgot about that. Love the way Gerald’s screaming drowns out Kate swearing. I still don’t really get the Kate-Ari ~connection~. Tony being all nervous and rambling. [“Maybe it’s like falling in love. It can happen just like that.”]

1.17 – Tony trying to take Kate’s mind off of Ari. [“Have you ever been in a men’s room before?” “No. Have you?”] [“Abby, you’re spending too much time talking to Ducky.”] That is some driving Gibbs! Tony/Kate going out for Chinese together <3.

1.18 – Kate sleeps with a gun “Kate rules” “I thought Abby ruled” “Good women don’t mind sharing a throne, Gibbs.”] McGee!!!! LOL Abby equating the squabbling JAG lawyers to Tony/Kate. Gibbs and his glasses.

1.19 – Tony answering Kate’s phone. Poor guy. Cute McGee/Abby moment. Oh is this the “Tony kissed a guy” episode?” The building manager thinking that Tony/Gibbs are “together”. Kate/McGee talking about Martin Sheen. [“Permission to shoot him?”] McGee’s “how do I take the safety off”. Lol. [“OMG Tony’s on a date with a guy.”] [“Okay, give it to me Kate, I can take it.” “What was it like tonguing a guy?” “Forget it. I can’t take it.”]

– Why the hell would he drink a drink from a stranger when he knows someone is out to get him?! Hee Tony/Kate. [“You two aren’t, you know ….” “Oh no, no, no way, we’re just, uh, co-workers.”} What Abby does when she’s bored <3! Gibbs/Tony in the car. Gibbs obsessing over Ari. Kate and Tony sleeping at their desks

1.21 – Palmer!!! How does Palmer get a signal on his mobile phone. Aren’t they in the basement? [“I thought they couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together?” “That’s because the king only had horses and men.”] Remember the last time you went undercover Tony? Nice twist. Kate playing the “Tony kissed a guy” card again! Hehe.

– [“You don’t know much about dating.” “Why don’t you enlighten me?”] ADAM BALDWIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abby talking to Kate about McGee “What kind of person would I be if I had this knowledge and didn’t share it with you.”] Kate propelling! Awkward Priest/Kate flirting.

1.23 – I’d forgotten how they’d foreshadowed Kate’s death a whole season before. [“Gibbs you’re making me nervous. Scary scenarios are popping into my head like you’re here to fire me or to tell me that I’m going undercover as DiNozzo’s wife.”] Abby’s bluegrass music! Awwh Ducky/Kate kiss. Ducky’s human jigsaw puzzle! Medical school isn’t 4 years in the UK. Paula Cassidy! Threatening Tony to get Kate to co-operate! Hahahaha Ari went to the University Of Edinburgh too. I can tell you that medical school there is definitely not 4 years! Tony really can’t say Edinburgh can he?! [“I can see why you keep it with the paint strippers”]. Awesome episode.  *sigh*  Only one season to go, Kate.


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