Friday Night Lights: 5×13 – Always

Friday Night Lights series finale: Most epic use of montage EVER.  Has a show ever gone that long without dialogue before???  And then when there was dialogue it was like one sentence … back to montage, therefore a quarter of the episode was just background music with some beautiful camera work.

Love the beautiful promo that they aired before the episode.  If you’re on the fence about trying this show out then I suggest watching it as it’s not spoilery.

Okay, these are my as-I-watched-it-thoughts hence the capslock and exclamation marks.  Slightly more coherent thoughts at the bottom.

CHRISTMAS!!!!!!  If ever there was a more perfect time to end a series.OMG THROWBACK TO THE PILOT WITH THE INTERVIEWS.

“That’s a Texas tree!”  Coach’s answer to the argument: “There’s someone at the door.”  Lol.



“OMG my Dad must have flipped ….”  “What do you mean?”  “When you asked him to marry me..”  “You’re kidding right?!”  “No you asked him right?”

Julie telling him that he needs to ask her Dad alone “man to man” is quite possibly my favourite Matt/Julie scene ever.


Mindy!  “Don’t sleep with my sister.  That’s like incest now.”


Matt/Landry FRIENDSHIP!!!!!  Matt practising his speech out with Landry!!!  “Don’t mention you work in an art gallery.  That’s not reassuring for a football coach.”  “The crazy part is that just a few years ago we were trying to figure out just how we were going to talk to Julie Taylor and now here you are about to marry Julie ….”


Tim coaching Stevie in all the finer points of football!!!!!!!!!!  SO ADORABLE!



Mindy/Becky friendship

Coach laughing at Matt … and then getting angry!  And the camera zooms into his eyes!

“Matt Saracen asked your daughter to marry him.”  “Julie?”  “What are you talking about?!  No, Gracie, YES JULIE.”
Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No……. “I don’t know why you’re yelling at me!!  I think we agree on this!!!!” I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING!!


More Tim/Stevie cuteness.

A Tim/Becky scene I actually love.  Sort of awkward there with Becky spelling it out but I like it.  “I’m finally over my crush so friends?”  “I’d say family.”

Stan repeating all the names!!!

“You guys are my inspiration.”

TAMI!!!!  COACH/TAMI!!!!!!!!!

I hate that Coach didn’t even say one nice word to Tami about her job offer.

Erm Julie, I love you SFM in this episode but can we just rewind to a few episodes ago before you start making all those claims about yourself?!??!

Becky/Mindy!!!!!!!!!!!!  Such a beautiful scene!

Jess/brothers!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh God JESS CAN’T LEAVE DILLON.

Awwh Coach is too nice to Vince’s Dad.

LUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEE!  The teddy bear!!!!  “I want to be with you forever and ever and ever.”

I adored the Julie/Matt/Tyra/Tim scene but it kind of made me miss Lyla, Jason and even Smash.

Okay so the real magic of the show is how they can make every side of the love triangles feel right:  Jason/Lyla, Tim/Lyla, Tim/Tyra (even Smash/Tyra?  Landry/Tyra?); Landry/Jess, Vince/Jess; (some would argue) Tim/Becky, Luke/Becky……

Coach/Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don’t go Jess!!! Nodding lion!

GRANDMA SARACEN!!!!!!!!!  “Hunnie, you got to call me Grandma now we’re family.”

“Julie, it doesn’t matter if we live in the same state, it doesn’t matter how old we are, we know we love each other and we know we’re perfect together.”  ❤

Vince/Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You know ever since that Matt/Julie proposal I kept thinking that everyone was going to propose …. that Luke/Becky scene, this Vince/Jess scene … haha!

Tim/Tyra!!!!!!!!!!!  “Tim, I’ve been in love with you since I was five years old.”  “Maybe one day our dreams can merge together.”

“Will you take me to Philadelphia with you please?”  Awwh Coach came through!  But I don’t actually want them to leave!!!  OMG the shot of their wedding rings.

Slowmotion!  Beautiful music!

Coach/Vince!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  “You may never know how proud I am of you”  “You changed my life Coach”

No EPIC COACH TAYLOR SPEECH???  (The prayer doesn’t count).

Can anyone say SLOW MOTION?!  I absolutely love that they cut the sound!!!  And just told it all with the facial expressions.

Wait, WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!  A flashforward NOW?????????????????????????????????????????

I love how they answered our questions so simply though … the zoom in on Vince in his fugly blue Panther uniform, the ring on his finger, Tinker ….

LUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.

Matt/Julie ❤

What Jess moved away???  What about her and Vince though???  She got a ring though!

Billy helping Tim build his house!

“Clear eyes, full hearts …..”   “Yeah we’ll deal with that later.”


Underlining motto of this episode: FAMILY!  How many times did that word get mentioned?!

Things I wouldn’t change for the world:  Basically everything up until they went to the game.  It was all perfect.  All of my favourite relationships got at least one scene together: Mr/Mrs Coach, Matt/Julie, Vince/Mum, Vince/Coach, Vince/Jess, Luke/Becky, Becky/Mindy Tami/Julie, Coach/Jess, Tim/Stevie …….

I can’t believe they brought Landry back for that one tiny scene.  I feel like we should have at least seen him watching the state championship given that he was a Lion this time last year.  Also wished we’d seen Matt’s Mum.  I know that she’s really not an important character but would’ve been nice to have seen her in the background like we did Tyra and Mindy’s Mum.  Also, like I said before, in an ideal world we would have all the old gang back …….

I didn’t like where they put the flashforward.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it was ingenious and artistic and, yes, surprised me BUT as a selfish viewer in love with the characters, I wanted to see that moment of glory for the Lions, I wanted to see them all celebrate, we only got one Vince/Jess and Luke/Becky scene (in real time) and although this episode wasn’t about them and their relationship, I wanted one more scene with them hugging and kissing.

Coach leaving Dillon and going to Philadelphia……..  I love Tami, I think she deserved the job, I think all her arguments for moving were valid, I thought that Coach should have been more supportive (though I love the way he finally announced that he changed his mind), I don’t think realistically he could have handled going back to West Dillon, I think moving was the right decision……..  But a part of me wished they had stayed in Dillon just because in a hypothetical Season 6, they would obviously be in Dillon.  I’m torn.

Dear God the Luke/Becky.  I think that scene got me the most.  I mean it was realistic.  I think that is pretty much the only option left for Luke in a small town.  That or farming or maybe Army and then farming in a few years.  But if we’re meant to look at each last scene as telling us all we need to know about what happens five years from now then surely they kill Luke off?  I mean artistically from a writer’s point of view, if we were to revisit the show in five years, they could go with that right?  That might be THE event that brings Coach back to Dillon for his funeral etc. etc. etc.

And the fact that Jess moved away?  That killed me too.  I also think that was unnecessarily cruel.  Necessary for Jess to have story development in the finale but still.  I mean what happens with Vince/Jess?  They were more OTP than Luke/Becky and we never get to find out if they even try to give things a go since the last ever Vince/Jess scene was before he knew she was moving.

So, yeah, the above things aren’t things I disliked.  I don’t really wish that TPTB had done it differently because the way they did it was probably realistic, in-character etc. etc. etc.  It’s just me wanting a fluffy ending, rather than a realistic one.

Overall a perfect ending, definitely one I am happy with.  *sniff*.  Someone buy me a one-way ticket back to denial land?



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