Chuck: 4×15 – Chuck Versus The CAT Squad

How is it possible that Chuck can keep just getting better and better?  I mean every episode sends me into a flailing fit.  And it’s getting funnier.  This week’s opening sequence with the fake-ad for the CAT squad?  LMAO.

And Chuck/Sarah defy all precedent in that I actually love them the same amount if not more now that they are together.  I don’t think this has ever happened before.

I need a Season 5!  I know this show has already been given 3 lifelines but seriously…. not only could I not handle losing another one of my favourite shows this year but Chuck deserves to be renewed.

I LOVE that we’re exploring more of Sarah’s past.  The whole reuniting of the CAT squad was a brilliant idea.  It’s nice to see that Sarah does have at least 2 friends from her pre-Chuck days.  And as well as dowsing us with that beautifully awkward idea of these kickass women having that whole ‘female friendship’ thing going on, it was super funny!  I mean just getting to see Sarah hungover and complaining !!

I knew the traitor was Amy!  It’s always the ditzy blonde one.

And we finally get to see Chuck use the intersect for more than Kung Fu.  I love the way he spun around and shot the bad guys …. followed by Sarah being really angry with him!  Lol.

Morgan/Karina!  LMAO!!!!!!!!!!  I think she may be one of my favourite recurring guest-stars?  I definitely didn’t appreciate her enough the other times we saw her.  I love it when Morgan finally put his foot down and got angry.  Alex all hurt and upset was ❤ and her break up speech was adorable.  Morgan’s “I love you” speech <3!!!!!!  I don’t think I have ever loved Morgan more than in that scene.

Sarah/Ellie friendship!!!!  I love these two, even way back when Chuck/Sarah were fake-dating and Ellie just accepted her in the family.  “We’re practically family, right?  But more importantly we’re friends.”  And the way Chuck just sighs with contentment as he watches them.

And I also found a new favourite Chuck/Sarah fanvid.


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