I have finally finished my ER marathon!  Yes, this time last year I had never seen a single episode and now I have seen every single one.  For a time I didn’t think I’d make it through the dead years (seasons 10-12) but I skipped ahead and watched the last season (which in my very inexperienced […]

Top 25 TV Family Dynamics

They are in a very very vague order of preference.  Very vague because I love them all for different sorts of reasons and obviously they jump up the list, if I happen to be marathoning that particular show.  I mean the Top 10, especially, are all real favourites. 25. Michael Scofield/Lincoln Burrows (Prison Break) When I […]

Criminal Minds: 6×18 – Lauren

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!  The two amazing CM-quality calibre episodes this season have been the ones where they write characters off.  If we lose one character per episode for the rest of the season does that mean we might have five amazing episodes in a row?  That’s a trade-off I might be willing to make, especially since my […]

House, MD: 7×15 – Bombshells

Objective Me: Wow this was a good episode and kudos to the writers for keeping House in-character even though they knew it would piss off the fans by breaking up House/Cuddy. Subjective Me: Why?  Why?  Why?  Meh.  I liked House/Cuddy.  I am back to only watching this show for the wonderful Wilson.  Everyone else just […]

Greek: 4×10 – Legacy

And so it comes to the Greek series finale.  A show that I rarely talk about but one that always made me smile and laugh and definitely one that is so much better than the premise might lead you to believe.  Also this show introduced me to the Plain White T’s (pre-‘Hey There Delilah’ fame). Spoiler […]

Criminal Minds: 6×17 – Valhalla

Well, I knew if I waited long enough Criminal Minds would be able to churn out an episode worthy of my prior-Season 6 love of the show.  Though to be honest, I was so blinded by the adorable Prentiss/team moments that maybe I am giving the episode more credit than it deserves?  How does everyone […]