Criminal Minds: 6×17 – Valhalla

Well, I knew if I waited long enough Criminal Minds would be able to churn out an episode worthy of my prior-Season 6 love of the show.  Though to be honest, I was so blinded by the adorable Prentiss/team moments that maybe I am giving the episode more credit than it deserves?  How does everyone feel about this epic “we’re achingly slowly building up to Prentiss’ farewell” storyline that they’ve got going on?

Morgan: I tell you what does matter that you can trust me Emily, with anything.  I am serious, no matter how awful you think it is, I promise you you’re not alone.  I just wish you’d believe that.

Wow, they are really dragging out this whole Prentiss-leaving thing aren’t they?  I thought they would devote two episode max to it but we’re getting something like a five-episode arc.   That’s a good thing because Paget/Prentiss deserves the attention.  Over the last few episodes, I haven’t been particularly sucked into it (even if I loved the multiple scenes with Prentiss and her cat) but this episode had me holding my breath for half of it.  Although whether I actually like it or not will come down to what happens in the finale episode, this episode did at least keep me interested which is more than can be said for most episodes this season.

For a start I kept wishing throughout the whole thing that Prentiss would tell her team what was going on and I thought when they worked out what the tattoo on the dead guy was then she would come clean.  And again when they mentioned Ian Doyle, I thought she would spill the beans ….. and finally when she saw her friend shot through the head, I thought for sure she would tell Morgan what was going on.  Alas!

Now I am eager to find out the whole Ian Doyle / Prentiss thing and what was the necklace she flushed down the toilet?  Is that guy who was meant to be protecting her actually a double agent?  Kudos to the writers, they are giving Prentiss an epic farewell, I suppose.


Prentiss: Does anyone know?
Reid: You.
Prentiss: I won’t tell anyone
Reid: I know.  They’ll just worry, you know, not that you’re not going to worry but they’ll just make me feel like a baby, you know.
Prentiss: I do.
Reid: What about you?
Prentiss: I’m good.
Reid: You’ve been picking your fingernails again.
Prentiss: Yeah.
Reid: You only do that when you’re stressed.
Prentiss: It’s just a bad habit.

The way Prentiss looks at him throughout this whole scene made me MELT.  It’s like she really truly loves him (in a platonic way) and she’s so sad that a) she can’t tell him what’s going on and b) if she does it will put him in danger.  I’ve never really warmed to Reid as much as other people but there was something about this scene that made me all gooey.  He was just so …. innocent.  The fact that he told Prentiss what was going on with him and not anyone else?  It was just all really touching <3.

Prentiss: I know what the world can do to a girl who only sees beauty in it, like you.  Somehow you always make me smile and I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you for that.
Oh Prentiss/Garcia

Morgan: I tell you what does matter that you can trust me Emily, with anything.  I am serious, no matter how awful you think it is, I promise you you’re not alone.  I just wish you’d believe that.
Prentiss: I do.~*~Morgan: You good?
Prentiss: I’m good.


And then when Prentiss was looking at everyone with tears in her eyes?  I think I started to cry too.

Deary me, I am going to be a nervous wreck throughout the whole of the next episode.  It’s episodes like this with those special inter-team moments that makes me realise how much I love this show, how I want it to carry on being as awesome as it used to be, and it makes me mad when it doesn’t live up to expectations because quite frankly, I hold it to a higher standard than other shows.

And finally, Seaver is still contributing absolutely nothing to the team and her presence is still unexplained.  I might be able to let the writers off for this episode since it was all about Prentiss and there was no time to explore anything else (even Hotch and Rossi didn’t get much screentime) but meh.  I feel a trend.  Now obviously when Prentiss is gone and Seaver is the only girl on the team in the field, they are going to have to stop ignoring her existence ….


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