Greek: 4×10 – Legacy

And so it comes to the Greek series finale.  A show that I rarely talk about but one that always made me smile and laugh and definitely one that is so much better than the premise might lead you to believe.  Also this show introduced me to the Plain White T’s (pre-‘Hey There Delilah’ fame).

Spoiler Alert: Utter perfection.  Also there was a lot of hugging.  A LOT.

This show has had a lot of enjoyable story arcs in its time but few as clever and amusing as when they went undercover in Parkes’ company.  I mean the fact that ALL the main characters were involved, even Rebecca (dressing up as Ashleigh)!  Absolutely hilarious!

Rebecca/Dale and the naming of the bad Matthew McConaghey movies. LMAO!!  One of my favourite “referencing pop culture” scenes.  Oh Rebecca is such a funny character.  I would even go as far as to say the funniest character on television.

Dale/Laura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL!  So glad that Dale got his happy ending.

Cappie/Casey – utter sweetness.  After reading TPTB’s plans for the series finale, if they hadn’t gotten a Season 4, I am more thankful than ever that we got another season.  We got to see Cappie grow up and be worthy of Casey but show him doing it for himself, not just to please her.  We saw him get to a stage in his life where he and Casey are about equal and they have a real shot of making things work.

Rusty/Cappie!!!!!  I love their friendship and “brotherhood”.

Wade, Jen K coming back!!!  Nice to see some old faces!!

Catherine/Beaver!!!!!!!!!!!  Hilarious!  The Beaver-centric episode was one of my favourites this season.

Ashleigh/Calvin friendship.  I love that dynamic and am sad that we didn’t get to see it that much this season.  It’s my second favourite friendship after Ashleigh/Casey.

Casey choosing Cappie and the Kappa Taus over her law career.  And then Evan doing the same!  Evan/Cappie/Casey

OMG they tore down the house!!  :O:O:O:O:O


Evan/Rebecca.  I never really cared for them too much but still

Cappie’s real name!!!  LMAO!  The overriding mystery of the series is solved!  And I love how they kind of slipped it in there without the massive build-up.

Casey/Ashleigh – favourite friendship.  Love how Casey told her (and Rusty) to take care of each other.  Mirroring the Rusty telling Cappie to take care of his sister for him.

Rebecca hugging Casey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it when we get to see Rebecca’s softer side.  LOVE IT.   Dale KISSING Casey!!!!!!!!!!  LMAO!

The final scene with the goodbyes and everyone hugging each other and then Cappie and Casey riding off into the sunset with each other

And they played ‘Forever Young’ by Youth Group! post-series interview with the creator and he ended the interview saying he was the biggest Friday Night Lights and Parenthood fan.  YES!!!!!!!!

I think I’m going to miss this show and these guys more than I thought.  This was my go-to show that I could watch just for fun and not have to think too much to enjoy it.  And all the main characters were so engaging and loveable in their own way (apart from Evan), not to mention the hilarious secondary characters.  Plus I can’t think of one story arc that I absolutely detested.  Sure there were some plot points that I wasn’t particularly fond of but at no point did I ever consider dropping this show.

Oh, best series finale that I’ve watched in a long time, possibly ever.  Best as in everyone got their happy-ever-after (whilst staying true to themselves) since it’s the sort of show where everyone could get their happy-ever after realistically (unlike, say, Friday Night Lights) and the whole of this 10-episode series was building up to this happy-ever-after episode (unlike Life Unexpected where everyone did get their happy-ever-after but it kind of came out of nowhere and dumped in a five-minute segment at the end) so it was all wrapped up perfectly.  Perfection.


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