House, MD: 7×15 – Bombshells

Objective Me: Wow this was a good episode and kudos to the writers for keeping House in-character even though they knew it would piss off the fans by breaking up House/Cuddy.

Subjective Me: Why?  Why?  Why?  Meh.  I liked House/Cuddy.  I am back to only watching this show for the wonderful Wilson.  Everyone else just exists to highlight his awesomeness.

I was nervous when I heard about this whole surreal, different genre thing they had planned.  However, after the first ten minutes, I was really enjoying the episode as a normal main-character-in-possible-life/death-situation and less focus on case episode.  Then the first dream sequence happened.  The sitcom was funny.  The zombie one was horrifying – there is a reason I don’t watch horror films.  The Western was … okay?  Ditto 50s household.  The musical one was good and trippy ……. I get the whole surreal dream thing but I don’t get why House/Cuddy were dreaming in different genres.  It was just to give the writers the chance to do this artistic exploration they wanted to do and I didn’t really get it ….. at least that was what I felt last night when I watched this episode.  This morning I am resolved just to accept that it happened.  It definitely turned out better than I feared.

I loved Cuddy/sister scenes, Wilson/Cuddy scenes (basically all Wilson scenes), Cuddy/Chase and as to the ending?  Yes it was very in-character for House but I like to pretend that he could change and had changed for Cuddy and I liked not having to deal with his addiction.  *sigh*.  Someone wake me up next time Wilson has a starring role.


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