Criminal Minds: 6×18 – Lauren

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!  The two amazing CM-quality calibre episodes this season have been the ones where they write characters off.  If we lose one character per episode for the rest of the season does that mean we might have five amazing episodes in a row?  That’s a trade-off I might be willing to make, especially since my two main reasons for getting giddy over this show have now gone.  I mean this episode actually felt like something of a series finale and in a way it is: the show will never ever be the same again.

FLASHBACKS!  I love flashbacks!

“Why run, we’re her family, we can help.”  REID YOU ARE ADORABLE!!!!

JJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Fantastic entrance!  Lol.

It’s kind of painful seeing Morgan so mad at Prentiss.  Understandable though.  Very in-character plus I guess it was nice to have someone angry to balance out all the !epicworry of the others.

Prentiss/Ian Doyle.  I kind of guessed that she was playing that role as her cover but I really didn’t need to see that.

OMG Garcia’s voicemail message to Emily!  TEARS!  TEARS!

Garcia: Hey, it’s me. Hotch asked me to try all your numbers, and I have this is an old listing and you probably don’t even use it any more. But if it is you and you’re out there, come home, please. God, Emily, what did you think?  That we would just let you walk out of our lives? I am so furious at you right now! But then I think about how scared you must be in some dark place all alone, but you’re not alone okay? You are not alone. We are in that dark place with you. We are waving flashlights and calling your name, so if you can see us, come home. But if you can’t, then, then you stay alive because we’re coming.

Holy crap Prentiss is so bad ass with that gun and the flash grenade.

I do not like the fact that it feels like this is all leading up to some torture/rape combo.

Prentiss faced with the possibility of Seaver/Rossi getting shot in front of her!!!

Okay so that’s twice now that Seaver has ended up with blood spattered all over her, right?  She should seriously consider a change of career.

And finally a scene which might help audience warm to Seaver.  That Rossi/Seaver scene was great.  Loved seeing her afraid that Rossi had basically just told her that Prentiss’ life was in her hands.  Finally finally finally Seaver DOES SOMETHING.  Though I am aware that a whole generation of Rossi/Seaver shippers were probably born from that scene.  And it did seem like that Rossi knew the answer but he was just pushing Seaver to say it which was …. confusing.

Jeremy was the traitor!  Poor Sia!  I liked her, at least from what we got to see of her.

Prentiss playing with the kid?  So adorable.

Morgan: Prentiss, hey, it’s me, I’m right here, you’re going to be all right.  Stay with me baby, come on, stay with me.

Prentiss: Let me go.

Morgan: No I am not letting you go.  Listen to me, I know why you did all of this.  I know what you did for Declan.  I am so proud of you.  Do you understand that?  I am proud of you because you are my friend and you are my partner.  No Emily!  Stay with me!  If you can hear me please just squeeze my hand.  Yes then, there you go Emily, just keep squeezing.

Prentiss/Morgan!!!!  He called her baby!  He usually reserves that endearment for Garcia!!!!!  I can just imagine that if any other situation she would respond with a “don’t call me baby”.  OMG HIS SPEECH TO HER!!!!!  I love that they gave her “deathbed” scene to Morgan.  I think it suited their arc in the past couple of episodes and their partnership in the whole series.  I love that Morgan got to tell her how proud he was of her after his anger at the start of the episode.

I don’t feel like JJ was given enough to do.  I know this episode wasn’t about her and the fact that she was even brought in was more for the fans than for plot progression but I sort of just wish she had helped in one concrete way apart from presenting the facts at the start……

But then they gave her the job of announcing that Prentiss was dead!  OUCH.  Reid!  Adorable!  JJ CALLS REID “SPENCE”!  YES THE SCENE THAT I MISSED MOST FROM J



Now I am pretty sure that I read numerous interviews which said that Paget’s exit would be open-ended so the scene with all of them crying didn’t really have the effect that it intended because I kept waiting for the ‘but’ to come.   Like the whole funeral scene happened with me thinking of “but she’s not really dead” instead of being moved to tears (love the Morgan/Garcia holding hands!).  I hate the fact that they said they were leaving it open-ended because it sort of ruined all of this for me.  I wish that we had absolutely no idea what they were planning to do with Prentiss’ exit so that the final scene with her and JJ would have just been this huge waft of relief.

I love that the final ever scene was with JJ.  It was just so fitting that Paget and AJ should have their (possible) final ever scene on the show with each other and that both their leaving-the-show arcs were entwined.

I do hope that Paget comes back (especially since I am not won over by the sound of her Pilot) as she’s my reason for loving the show PLUS it would be really interesting to see how they manage to get Prentiss back onto the team.  However, if it’s not in the cards then it was a fantastic exit.  AJ’s was great too, they were both amazing in their different ways and worthy of the characters’ awesomeness.

So how do I feel about the episode/Prentiss’ storyline as a whole?!  Too much to process at the moment!  I mean it’s not like they’ve been building up to the big reveal of Prentiss’ spy past for the past five years – it’s all quite sudden.  Then having to process the thought that Prentiss/Ian Doyle WENT THERE is kind of icky ….. and yet sort of believable?  I don’t know, in any other situation I would have been dead against that whole angle from the get go but the writing/actors made it work?  Still icky.  I think the inclusion of Doyle’s son tipped me over.

I loved that the English guy wasn’t the traitor after all.  We don’t know what happened to Doyle right?  Presumably he escaped?  Will the team try to catch him?  And I thought that the scene in the hospital between JJ and Hotch where we didn’t get to hear what they were saying might have been JJ telling Hotch the truth about Prentiss’ fate (well, the scene was too short for her to be explaining it all then but I thought it was referring to it like “I think they bought it”) but then I read an interview with Thomas Gibson where it sounds like that Hotch really does think that Prentiss is dead.  That makes more sense as I don’t think Hotch would have the clearance to know the truth but eh, I thought that scene was implying more than it was then.  See during the funeral, there’s this look that Hotch gives JJ that I also thought implied that – gah this is what happens when you over-interpret scenes!

I loved the JJ/Reid scene that I longed for in “JJ”.  And I loved the whole Morgan/Prentiss arc.  I think that was perfect and so true to their partnership.  I mean over the years, it’s been those two who have had the conversations about their trust issues, their past and coping with the job etc.  Now of course I am going to have to rewatch the whole series just to confirm the fact that her being a spy hasn’t always been part of her backstory but it was just made up to facilitate this whole !epic exist storyline.  I am pretty sure that Prentiss’ kickass-ness has always just been in the context of being a good FBI agent.  What would have been interesting would be if they had the Prentiss-was-a-spy there from the beginning and given hints to the audience over the series ending with this big reveal that a team of FBI profilers couldn’t even profile one of their own.

God so much happened in this episode.  I can’t even …  I’m going to miss Prentiss so much.

What happened to Prentiss’ cat Sergio?  Can it please go live with Garcia in her office at the BAU?


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