I have finally finished my ER marathon!  Yes, this time last year I had never seen a single episode and now I have seen every single one.  For a time I didn’t think I’d make it through the dead years (seasons 10-12) but I skipped ahead and watched the last season (which in my very inexperienced opinion, I absolutely loved, even though at that point I knew absolutely nothing about any of the characters) and knowing how it all ended gave me the willpower to go back and slog through the rest.

The two ships (okay, three if we include Peter/Elizabeth) that I was actually invested in bookended the series (Doug/Carol and Tony/Sam).  I have never laughed as hard as I have with a variety of Neela storylines whether it be her getting kissed by everyone at Luka/Abby’s wedding or the whole Harold/Neela dynamic (epic!).  I was legitimately upset that Elizabeth was the only one who turned up to Romano’s memorial service and lit a candle for him.  Even more upset that such an awesome character as Elizabeth got such a lukewarm ending.

There have been characters that I loved (Carol, Sam, Tony, Doug, Elizabeth, Anna, Susan, Neela, Michael, the entire nursing staff, a whole array of minor characters and guest-stars), characters that I could never quite like as much as canon wanted me to (Mark, Peter, Carter and Abby to a certain extent), characters that I never thought I’d warm up to but ended up loving (Pratt, Archie), and characters that I could never grow to like (Luka, Cleo).  And yes, after 11 seasons, I finally loved Kerry Weaver in Season 13.  Then she left.  Doh.  Oh and I am still waiting to find out what happened to Bob by the way.

Finally, my favourite ER vids that I have found on YouTube: ‘Wherever You Will Go‘, ‘You Found Me‘, ‘Closing Time‘,  ‘Happy Ending‘ (about the non-endgame couples … kind of made me realise how much I liked the ships that didn’t get their happy ever after), ‘Time Of Our Lives‘ ❤ ❤ ❤ (gets extra points as Tyrone Wells is one of my favourite male artists).  Any of you veterans have any recommendations?  I keep forgetting that the majority of this series happened pre-fandominternet explosion.


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