Grey's Anatomy: 7×19 – It's A Long Way Back

When I first heard about the Arizona/Callie/Mark/baby storyline I hated it.  Hated it.  Then I realised I had to accept if if I wanted to keep watching the show and still like Arizona.  But now I’m back to hating it.  This is going to sound like the most awful thing ever but why oh why […]

Nikita: 1×20 – Glass Houses

What. The. Hell?!?!  I am not a gambling person but I am willing to bet a lot of money that by the time we get to the season finale, the only three names left on the credit list will be Maggie Q, Shane West and Lyndsy Fonseca and at this rate I’m not even confident about the […]

Rewatch: Friday Night Lights Season 1

1.01 – OMG the opening sequence! How it tells so much with Tim, Matt/Grandma, Matt/Landry etc.! Tim/Tyra! I am going to see them in a whole new light this time around. The interviews!!! The scouting – it’s like a semi-parallel with Vince with very different outcomes though! [“That dude could be Santa Clause and I […]

100 Thoughts on 30 Rock

I haven’t watched 30 Rock‘s 100th episode yet but here is a fun list: 100 Thoughts On 30 Rock.  My favourites: 2. What did we say to express blurgh before Blurgh? 25. Before Liz Lemon, women had to actually kiss their handsome love interests on-screen. 29. So, how old is Kenneth? 30. And who is going to give him […]

Brothers & Sisters: 5×17 – Olivia's Choice

Best Brothers & Sisters episode in a VERY long time, possibly my favourite of the season! First, Sarah describing some sort of erotic scenario between Kitty and Seth.  It was funny but also sort of weird ….. Sarah doing the robot dance!!!!  I mean just imagine it: Rachel Griffiths being hilariously awesome.  I wish there was a […]

Nikita: 1×17 – Covenants

*hyperventilates* Nikita, Nikita, Nikita.  How is possible that every time I finish an episode, I think that there is no way they can top that and yet they always come back with something which just blows my mind?!?! I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY DID THAT.  AND THEY PLAYED FLORENCE+THE MACHINE.  OVER THAT SCENE. Dear show, we are only 3/4 of the way through […]

Rewatch: NCIS Season 2

2.01 – LOVE the scene where Kate goes to sit down at her desk and finds McGee under there. [“Don’t let him intimidate you McGee. That’s my job today.”] Yes Kate, that’s appropriate clothing for climbing up a roof. The human jigsaw puzzle! I remember the first time I watched this episode, I was really […]

Grey's Anatomy: 7×18 – Song Beneath The Song

It wasn’t the worst thing I have ever seen but can we not do it again any time soon.  I mean I was fine with Callie’s out of body experience but every time the character in the scene (e.g. Owen in ‘Chasing Cars’)’s mouth started moving in sync with the lyrics whilst performing other actions, I […]

CSI:NY: 7×18 – Identity Crisis

I’ve heard a lot about this episode, mainly about how it was all about Jo and her family.  Sidenote: didn’t we have to wait seasons and seasons before we got any sort of background on Hawkes, Flack, even Stella to a certain extent? Anyway, the opening did grab my interest, more so than probably any other […]