CSI:NY: 7×18 – Identity Crisis

I’ve heard a lot about this episode, mainly about how it was all about Jo and her family.  Sidenote: didn’t we have to wait seasons and seasons before we got any sort of background on Hawkes, Flack, even Stella to a certain extent?

Anyway, the opening did grab my interest, more so than probably any other episode this season (mind you, it’s not like I can actually remember any other episode) and I was hooked pretty much all the way through.

Nice to have some Danny/Lindsay banter, even if Adam had to be there.  I liked the Lindsay/Hawkes scene with the jello people and guns.  Flack/Lindsay!  Love that Lindsay had a lot to do in this episode and not just in the lab.

<3<3Trauma (I thought it would be like Third Watch.  It didn’t come close).  I actually felt sorry for the murderer though.  I think it’s always nice when you do – the whole episode has more of an effect.

The Ellie “finding her real mother” although very cliched was sort of interesting.  She kind of took it all rather well don’t you think?  Also, the fact that Jo adopted her when she was still too young to remember her mother but after Jo was divorced must mean that she and her ex-husband have been divorced for at least a decade?  Or did I get that completely wrong? Jo’s son looks nice.  Kind of felt that they brought him in for no reason though.  Guess we’ll be seeing him play a “major part” in a future episode.

I loved the Mac/Jo scene in his office but the end scene made me slightly concerned about where Mac/Jo is heading.  I mean yes all that ‘you’d make a great father’ stuff is so Jo, even just Jo being friendly but under normal circumstances I also would think it’s those sort of scenes that would make me start shipping characters, especially since it seems to be modus operandi for episodes to end with Mac/Jo going out for dinner together.


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