Grey's Anatomy: 7×18 – Song Beneath The Song

It wasn’t the worst thing I have ever seen but can we not do it again any time soon.  I mean I was fine with Callie’s out of body experience but every time the character in the scene (e.g. Owen in ‘Chasing Cars’)’s mouth started moving in sync with the lyrics whilst performing other actions, I just cracked up which obviously detracted from the life-or-death intensity we were meant to be experiencing.  What I want to know is how the actors managed to film those scenes without cracking up!

Also, it felt so rushed.  I know it was necessary to cram all the songs in there but it was at the expense of the emotion and stuff having the impact they were going for.  I feel better if they dragged it out in a two-parter.  Like, did Addison actually speak?  I know the episode wasn’t about her and her return to Seattle has already been explored before but I would have liked for a bigger scene with Mark especially considering their history.

‘Breathe’ was …. meh!  I have such an intense love for both the song, the episode it played in and Anna Nalick generally that nothing can come close.  Chyler Leigh didn’t murder it but it was just … boring.

Alex/Arizona scene

Owen’s ‘How We Operate’.  LOL!.  Hilarity!  Loved the Meredith/Alex/Cristina scene.

I liked Callie/Arizona in the car in the clouds and Arizona telling her constantly to put on her seatbelt.  Is Callie going to resent Arizona for the crash in future episodes?  This episode was all about the realisation that she loves Arizona but perhaps it hasn’t all sunk in yet.  Yes it is Callie’s fault for not wearing a seatbelt but Arizona was driving and she was distracted by proposing marriage at the moment of impact (though in my mind the crash happened because of the idiocy of the other driver not because of Arizona).  I like that in this episode everyone didn’t kind of blame Arizona and although Mark said some very harsh things he didn’t exactly go there either.

‘Running On Sunshine’ is the funniest thing EVER.  EVER.  EVER.  Gah Henry/Teddy >>>>>> everyone else.  The singing gets better once you watch it all in context.


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