Rewatch: NCIS Season 2

2.01 – LOVE the scene where Kate goes to sit down at her desk and finds McGee under there. [“Don’t let him intimidate you McGee. That’s my job today.”] Yes Kate, that’s appropriate clothing for climbing up a roof. The human jigsaw puzzle! I remember the first time I watched this episode, I was really shocked that it was the father behind it all. That’s kind of depressing. Love the end bit with Tony/Kate giving McGee a headslap.

2.02 – Crazy 50s psycho killer. Hate Tony being sexist. Gibbs’ driving and Kate hanging on for dear life!! Ugh! The blood pouring from the priest’s head!

2.03 – [“Eww Tony! You are getting way too comfortable around me.”] I’m not really intrigued by the whole alien angle. Tony/Kate bickering. Very Romeo and Juliet. Awwh Tony bought Kate flowers! So what if he went through her purse – he was still thoughtful enough to track down the number of Kate’s favourite florist!!!

2.04 – [“With all the bad karma you’ve built up with women alone, I’m surprised that something hasn’t fallen off.”] McGee and the Petty Officer! [“4 years of Latin has finally paid off”] I love how Ducky calls Kate “Caitlyn”. Yay a Ducky-centric case. Tony checking Kate out. Kate’s massive “Ewwwww!!!” is hilarious.

2.05 – I loved seeing Kate, McGee, Gibbs and Tony in the gym! Kate totally kicked McGee’s ass. Kate had 3 older brothers? I forgot how much Kate encouraged Tony to mess with McGee’s head. [“Well, at least I get to give Gibbs the finger.”] I can’t remember this episode at all. [“Realising how sad this sounds, you are the closest thing I have to a friend, Gibbs.”] Fornell!! Awwh Tony wants to be Kate’s baby-daddy [“Do you think anyone will believe that you actually slept with Kate?!”] Tony/Kate as chavs! Hahahaha! [“We made a good couple Kate”] Great episode.

2.06 – Ah this is the point where my recollection of the cases starts to fade. OMG they blew the dog up???? OMG the way Ducky just ripped its limbs off!! It’s the son from HIMYM! Tony called Kate dear and they fight about the toilet seat! Haha. Kate singing in the shower! Tony brushing his teeth! Gibbs not knowing what a USB stick is. Haha. Tony and Kate babysitting the kids – I don’t know who got the rawest deal. Tony/Kate eavesdropping. The ending with McGee’s “special ordering”.

2.07 – I don’t think I like the whole “b&w screencap of the way the scene ends airing before the scene starts” thing. [“Cold case?” “Icicles”] LOL the team saying that they lost the perp [“he must have shimmied down the drain pipe” “I would have liked to have seen that.”] Kate dancing with the old man and she’s crying!

2.08 – Ducky’s got a crush!! Paula Cassidy!!! Kate teasing Tony about Paula and Tony teasing Kate about her mystery man. [“You’re the man Ducky. Why can’t I find someone like you?” “Well if this doesn’t work out, I am available.”] Why is Kate going around with the rubbish bin? Don’t they have their own rubbish bins?! Oh poor Kate! She can’t handle the fact that she shot the guy.

2.09 – Tony making Kate call him ‘Sir’ ….. and he’s still flirting with the engaged doctor ….. [“I swear the two of you are worse than my brothers and they’re practically psychotic”] [“12 years of Catholic school says that ain’t never gonna happen.”] Tony still can’t use chopsticks – nice continuity. Abby undercover!!! Gibbs bought McGee coffee. Tony’s cyber date! He always seems to end up dating men pretending to be women ….

2.10 – Nice opening, interesting set-up. Tony undercover!!! McGee trying to explain the case to scary woman!!!! Tony naming his fake dog Kate! Hehe. [“I’m worried for Tony. There I said it.”] [“Gibbs is driving.” “I’m saying a prayer in many languages.”] It was like watching this episode for the first time again! Man I really don’t know most of season 2 as well as I know season 1.

2.11 – Kate pretending to be Tony’s wife and the hand/facial gestures silently discussing how many kids they have. Tony and McGee trying to get the whiteboard out of the elevator!!! [“You look fine. What’s wrong with fine?” “I’m going for hot here Tony.”] Kate going undercover with the hot pilot/murder suspect. Kate giving Abby a massage! Ah yes, here is all the friendship that Abby mentions in that recent Kate/sister/flashback episode. I love the ending with Kate/hot brother pilot guy flying to New York and the voiceover “so you’re Catholic, right?”

2.12 – Gibbs and his team 2.0. Haha. Tony 2.0!!!! Tony snooping around Kate’s desk again! Kate/Abby talking about superwomen. They all have information to tell! Abby/McGee competing as to who had the worst job. [“Boys night out” “Which means girls night in”] Awwh Abby/Kate holding hands. That is some dirt innuendo-ing Gibbs/woman hand-sanding going on.

2.13 – Back to Ducky’s human jigsaw puzzle!! Kate’s dating Tony’s fraternity brother! LMAO! [“Drawn out digression is a privilege earned, Mr Palmer”] [“You’re an Italian. You’re a Gigolo! If you look down my blouse, I’ll disembowel you. I have a knife in my brassiere”]. LOL Ducky’s Mum. That is one creepy taxidermist. [“I’m a Federal Agent, Ma’am.” “That’s what they all say.”] Tony/Mrs Mallad ❤ ❤ ❤ Awwh Ducky/Kate. Tony blowdrying the Corgi!! [“One can always tell a woman’s intention from her panties.”]

2.14 – Kate’s afraid of the dentist! McGee has to go investigate by himself. God that’s a big SD card – Old school! Tony “strangling” Kate. Poor McGee – he had to watch the girl he liked get murdered. Does this mean that McGee/Abby wasn’t a real thing at this point? I hate that we never get any clarification on that. Kate/McGee friendship. McGee getting hypnotised. Tony/Kate food fight. [“Any more food-fights in here, I’m joining in. With peas” “Frozen peas?” “Nope, from a can.”]

2.15 – Tony/Kate talking about the … pornstar. Kate trying to argue that men and women can just be friends. I totally agree with you Kate but I don’t think you’re going to be able to convince Tony! Awwh Abby made Kate a hat ….. and the two of them totally took McGee’s money! [“One day you’re going to have to tell me how you do that.” “Easy – they can sense sarcasm.”] Awwh Gibbs and the Jack Russell!! McGee’s poison ivy! Palmer walking in on Ducky/McGee’s inspection. [“Would you say I’m attractive?” “Sure” “Then how come you’ve never ….” “I know you.”] Kate/Jack Russell! [“Awwh good dog, I think I’ll call you Tony.” “It’s a bitch Kate” “I know.”] [“Is it just me or do you think Tony likes me?” “I think it’s more than obvious Tony likes you.” “Not my usual type but kinda cute.” “More like adorable. Maybe we can share Tony?”] Kate/Abby/doggie!! CUTENESS! How can I not remember this scene? Also, what happened to the dog after Kate’s you-know-what? Gibbs smiling at the fact that Kate/Abby used Tony’s hat to feed the dog.

2.16 – Tony/Kate bickering and Ducky agreeing to marriage counsel them. “Sexually charged bickering” Tony/Kate undercover in the club!! Haha! Jimmy/Abby superglue.

2.17 – Oh God the eyes! Erm Kate, what is that you’re wearing on your head?! Tony warming Kate up!! McGee/Kate referring to the fact that Tony kissed a man last season GAIN! Haha. The look of horror on everyone’s face when McGee spills Gibbs’ coffee. Well, Kate did say she wanted to go on holiday. Haha that “ipod”.

2.18 – I really hate when they emphasise the fact that Tony is a player / when he objectifies women. Definitely my least favourite aspect of his character. I find it really quite offensive. I’m trying to think of other TV characters that do it as much as him. Alex and Mark from Grey’s Anatomy? Yeah, don’t like them either. The wax in the victim’s hair is the wax from a surf board – the friend’s fiancé is the baby-daddy and the friend killed her. See, easy, solved the case already and there’s still half an episode to go. McGee going through the car wash <3. Tony’s mancrush. [“It’s like this pact to get drunk and laid supersedes everything.”] Tony’s evil laugh when he sees Kate’s ‘wet T-shirt’ competition photo!

2.19 – Nice continuity with the mention that Kate dated Tony’s fraternity brother and Kate’s wet T-shirt competition. I love that Kate got Abby to help her photoshop a picture to stop Tony blackmailing her. The smile on Gibbs’ face!

2.20 – Tony/Kate sneaking into McGee’s apartment and taking bets on McGee’s underwear preference. [“George Clooney could not get laid in this place.”] Okay so this definitely confirms the end of McGee/Abby by this point …. That college guy is really annoying. Again, reference to the Wet T-shirt photo. You go Gibbs!!

– Abby/Kate spending the weekend together. Abby’s signature! Coleman again!!!! Tony’s car! Haha!

2.22 – Oh I LOVE this episode (hate the next one). Wait, did Tony just say ‘wankers’?! No, I’m serious. Gibbs has never had a cold [“If you were a bug, would you attack Gibbs?”] [“Let’s hit the showers Tony!” “Thought you’d never ask.”] ❤ all of them showering together. [“Kate, play it safe. Go with Tony.” “THAT’S safe?!”] The hot doctor “Brad Pitt”/nurse combo!! Abby/Gibbs! Gibbs/McGee in those suits!!! [“Last thing I need is another wife.” “Life Gibbs, you’ve got to get a Life.”] It’s CAM FROM BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love the fact that Kate lied about being infected too and then starts shouting at Tony so he doesn’t feel alone ❤ ❤ <3. [“If I catch your cold I’m going to be very pissed.” “She’ll be okay, right?”] [“Why are you doing this, Kate?” “Damned if I know but I’m doing it and you’re not going to tell Tony.”] Reference to the wet T-shirt contest and the transsexual AGAIN!!! Wait, I thought Gibbs told Cassie to change her clothes? Kate crying. Kate/Ducky ❤ Can’t believe Tony almost died over a lie. Tony/Kate ❤ ❤ <3<3 ❤ <3. I love them and this episode so much! Oh Sasha, why did you have to leave? I can’t believe they put this amazing episode right before the absolutely tragic next episode.

2.23 – Awwwh McGee caught Kate sketching Tony. McGee totally ships Tony/Kate. Awwh they miss him – but Kate misses him more!!! [“Did you know he told everyone you tried to sleep with him in Paraguay?!”] Ewwwwww! The snake!!! Awwh Tony saved her life! From the killer snake! [“My life in your hands. I always knew it was going to end this way.”] Stop jinxing it Kate!!! Awwh Tony saving Kate and McGee from the bomb and ordering them to run. Kate screaming for Tony. Oh I can’t take this any more! This episode!!!! [“Dammit Tony I should just take you home and get you in bed…. Okay that didn’t come out the way I intended.” “Are you going to buy me dinner first or should we go back to your place …”] Everyone’s worried about Tony! YOU SHOULD ALL BE WORRIED ABOUT KATE!!! SHE GETS MURDERED IN THIS EPISODE!!!! [“You know Kate’s really been worried about you.” “Kate worried about everything.” “No no I mean REALLY worried.” “What’s your point Probie?” “Well, I think that maybe, you know.” “Me and Kate? It’ll never happen.” “Why not?” “She’s too smart for that.”] And the way Kate and McGee set Tony up with Kate admitting she liked him and might consider marrying someone like him …. ❤ YOU’RE KILLING ME SHOW!!!! Tony/Abby lying down together on the lab floor! Gibbs/Ari! The whole team sleeping at NCIS to protect Gibbs. Kate’s hair!! Kate calling Abby’s dream a ‘bête noir’, Fornell saying he would like to put a bullet through Ari’s forehead … nooooo!! Mention of Paula Cassidy!! Oh God I don’t know whether I love or hate the fact that seconds before she’s shot, Kate throws herself in front of Gibbs to stop him getting shot, gets shot but she’s wearing a vest, she/Gibbs/Tony joke, she stands up then Bam!!! Kate! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Worst finale ending EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER.

Spoiler Alert: No matter how many times you watch this season, Kate still dies.  Epic fail.


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