Brothers & Sisters: 5×17 – Olivia's Choice

Best Brothers & Sisters episode in a VERY long time, possibly my favourite of the season! First, Sarah describing some sort of erotic scenario between Kitty and Seth.  It was funny but also sort of weird …..

Sarah doing the robot dance!!!!  I mean just imagine it: Rachel Griffiths being hilariously awesome.  I wish there was a video on YouTube or a gif or something to illustrate this.  And there’s this tiny moment where I think Rachel and Calista are RL laughing and then it’s edited into another take.

And then at the end of the same scene:  Sarah/Kitty fist-bump explosion!!!!  It’s the fact that Kitty’s face is so serious that is what makes it hilarious!  I would really like to know how long it took Rachel and Calista to film their scenes for this episode because it’s non-stop hilarity!  I love the way Kitty describes Seth just before the fist-bump though.  So sweet.

The dinner!!!!  Kitty trying to play it all seductive and Sarah spying on her with her cosmetic mirror.  Sarah whoring Luc out to flirt with Berklee!  The funniest thing ever!!!!!!  I mean the fact that Sarah is willing to do this for Kitty’s sake and what is more she doesn’t even give it a second thought that she’s sending her fiancé to flirt with another woman!  Haha!

Kitty doing a mini robot dance in her chair!!!.

And then when Luc gives Sarah the “blowing up in your face” hand gesture.  LOL!

This is why if ABC think it’s a too expensive show to make what with all the big names and poor ratings, they should do a spinoff called Sisters and have it just be about Sarah and Kitty and maybe special guest-star appearances by everyone else.  I mean every time these two are in a scene together I usually end up crying with laughter!!!!

I love Seth/Kitty!  When they’re together I forget all about Robert.  They were so cute in this episode.  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  When Seth came to Kitty’s apartment at the end, for a minute there I thought he was going to propose and then Kitty and Sarah could have a double wedding but I’m getting ahead of myself.

What else?  Nora/Lily the dog was cute.  The whole Olivia storyline?  I’m not keen on Olivia herself.  I don’t find her as endearing as all the Walkers do and I don’t really like how she suddenly appeared and all of a sudden we basically have another main character.  However, I did sort of like her in this episode.  I wanted to punch her brother when he said he didn’t agree with Kevin/Scotty’s lifestyle.

Now that Tommy seems to have disappeared again, I have suddenly realised why this season has been so mediocre. It’s all the annoying recurring characters: Brody, Saul’s boyfriend, Olivia ….. if it was just all about the regular cast than maybe this season would be better. It’s not that I don’t like Nora and Saul having love interests, it’s just I think they got the casting wrong. Instead of making me warm to the characters, they repel me. Where have they gotten it right this season? Casting Ryan Devlin as Seth. Oh yeah <3. He said that if they get a Season 6 he will most likely become a regular cast member (this is why this show will always have budgetary issues ….) so for that reason alone, B&S needs to get renewed (also, Callista, why did you insist on doing less episodes this season?! The episodes without Kitty are just boring, not to mention I can’t believe that because of her absence, they didn’t really make a big deal of their 100th episode).


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