100 Thoughts on 30 Rock

I haven’t watched 30 Rock‘s 100th episode yet but here is a fun list: 100 Thoughts On 30 Rock.  My favourites:

2. What did we say to express blurgh before Blurgh?

25. Before Liz Lemon, women had to actually kiss their handsome love interests on-screen.

29. So, how old is Kenneth?

30. And who is going to give him a traumatic-childhood-memoir book deal already?

60. Tina Fey gives great awards speeches more consistently than anyone else, ever.

72. Julianne Moore’s Boston accent is much better if you imagine she is partially deaf.

77. Now that Glee has run Sue Sylvester into a brick wall, can Jane Krakowski finally have her Emmy?

86. This is how drinking coffee feels: “It’s like my heart is trying to hug my brain!”

95. We hope NBC continues to struggle, if only so 30 Rock can continue to make knowing jokes about it.

100. Who will smart, funny women have to obsess over when Liz Lemon is gone?


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