Rewatch: Friday Night Lights Season 1

1.01 – OMG the opening sequence! How it tells so much with Tim, Matt/Grandma, Matt/Landry etc.! Tim/Tyra! I am going to see them in a whole new light this time around. The interviews!!! The scouting – it’s like a semi-parallel with Vince with very different outcomes though! [“That dude could be Santa Clause and I still won’t like him”] [“I just like to hurt people”] Oh Tim!! Poor Matt having to go through the rubbish bin. Billy! I remember the first time I watched, Smash really irritated me throughout the first season but now I know that he does grow on me, I find him funny more than anything else. Landry/Matt talking about Julie!!! Tyra making fun of Lyla!! “So I heard an ugly rumour. It had to do with you and me and a certain car dealership opening tomorrow night.”] Eric/Tami!!! ❤ [“Alaska, I’m just saying a much more relaxed lifestyle.” “It’s under advisement”] [“I’m starting to look at this whole damn town as an out of tune guitar”] [“Matthew, you need to get a new friend.”] Jason/Lyla – so damn cute in this scene! [“His and her closets” “Relent” “I’m just saying ..” “I know what you’re saying” “Darling, his and her closets …. His and her closets baby”] Julie trying to talk to coach about Moby Dick!!! Smash’s rap!!! ❤ (ECHO – Luke’s rap in Season 5). Julie’s fake smile!!! Mayor/Jason! [“Do you like early Black Sabbath? It’ll make you mean.”] Those little kids and Jason!! Awwh Tim’s plans for his and Jason’s hunting ranch. First Coach Taylor speech! Man it must have been so much cheaper in Seasons 4 and 5 not having to fill such a huge stadium with extras!!! Actually everything in the Pilot seems so much ~bigger~ football wise with the commentary box, the headphones etc. OMG Jason! This bit always makes me cry without fail. And when Saracen gets called up and his Grandma just says “Good God”. Oh when Matt throws the football I get goosebumps. And when they win I am back to crying! And they all pray and I’m still crying. Coach’s end-speech/voiceover. Lyla/Julie hug. I don’t remember them having much of a relationship? Best pilot ever? I love it more and more every time I rewatch.

1.02 – THE THEME TUNE!!!!!! ❤ [“I’m just gonna go this one time and show them my literary prowess.”] Tim crying over Jason’s injury ❤ Matt/Rally girl. Lol. Tami and her “book club”. Tim/Smash fighting. Smash/Tyra! Jason saying really sweet things about Matt. Matt/Landry and the Red Hot Chili Peppers analogy. LOL. Tami/Eric adorableness. Oh I love this Matt/Coach/Grandma Saracen scene. And the Coach/Matt scene on the football field with Coach telling him how proud he is of him and how he shouldn’t be ashamed and then with the shouting. ONE OF MY FAVOURITE COACH/MATT SCENES. ‘DEVIL TOWN’ PLAYING!!

1.03 – [“If you want to dance with these boys out there you invite them to the prom.”] I forgot that Billy was so involved with the show even from the start. It’s kind of sad for the actor that he was never made a regular cast member considering how often he actually appears. Landry calling Grandma Saracen a witch! Haha! [“When you’re done I want you to go out back and water the children.”] Coach and Julie talking about getting a brown Labrador. Bless. That’s just what the Taylors needed actually to make their family perfect – a dog and cat but I guess they move around such a lot it wouldn’t be feasible. [“The last school counsellor killed herself”] In East Dillon they don’t have to worry about things like news reporters …. I LOVE this moment when Coach gets the team together in the middle of the night and makes them run in the rain. The Coach/Tim scene ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I love that he makes him walk home – ECHO to when he picks Vince and Luke up from prison and makes them walk home. Oh Lyla being mad at Tim and hitting him. No Voodoo go away.

1.04 – Voodoo/Smash – I forgot that they hated each other. Oh yeah Julie used to dance … that didn’t last long though did it? Ooh Riggins hates Voodoo too. Grandma/Matt is adorable ❤ ❤ ❤ <3. Haha the Coach/Matt talk!! If only Coach knew ….. Tyra/Jason! Poor Tami having her house invaded. Love it when she tells Julie to go and buy the whole store! [“Well, no actually I think I’m gonna stay down here for a little while.”] Even when they argue, I find Mr/Mrs Coach adorable – and funny! Tami wanting Coach to just sit down and talk with the boys. Coach does actually end up doing pretty well in that department to be fair. Poor Matt! Got to love his loyalty though. Coach/Matt!!! [“Thank you sir.” “I wouldn’t get too excited. You and I are going to a dance rehearsal.”] Coach/Matt in the car having a heart-to-heart. Awwh Matt comparing the music to a painter. [“I think I told that kid to get our daughter into the backseat of a car.”] Best line ever!!!

1.05 – I’m liking Tim/Lyla more this time around. LOL Julie found a website with coaching jobs for her father! [“Texas isn’t even a state. Technically it’s a Republic. It’ll be nice to live somewhere that’s actually part of this planet.”] Voodoo – so disrespectful!! LOL Tami takes the napkins Coach is drawing out plays on and puts them down her shirt “you can forage for them later”. How can I not remember this scene?! Awwh Matt’s conversation with Julie. Ooh Mac/Coach showdown. I forgot all about this oil-suit guy and Tyra! Mr/Mrs Coach!! Smash rapping again. Smash/Matt fist-pump. I forgot that those two were apparently “buddies”. The whole team came to see Jason! I LOVE THIS SHOW! Tim crying when he sees Jason! I love these climax-of-the-game moments. Look at Landry in there with the cheerleaders!! [“Do you know what I like about me?” “That you’re married to someone as fantastic as me?”]

1.06 – Oh that Reyes kid. Didn’t Kyle Chandler get the actual actor thrown off the show because he ended up also beating someone up in RL? Jason finally calling Tim on his absence. Awwh Landry’s upset with Matt. Jason/Tim/Lyla road trip!!! [“You two look pretty pathetic without each other”] Matt did the right thing! Coach apologised to Curt <3. [“The three of us, we’ll rise up, together we can get through anything, anything at all.”] TIM I LOVE YOU. Even if you are betraying your best friend. Oh Buddy, he was real trouble at the start of the show wasn’t he?!

1.07 – Dorky dancing!! Look at Smash selling himself there. Coach/Jason [“Hell son, we all want you there.”] MINDY!!! I’d forgotten that she appeared as early as Season one. I’m even sadder for and Billy that they were never made regulars now. I forgot about Mr “Hall and Oates” guy. He echoes Tim Riggin’s story and Tim’s advice to Luke about how winning State will be the high of your life but you then got to leave it all behind. Billy used to have a golf career? Hee. Landry giving Matt dating advice. Oh dear. That’s some good advice Coach is giving you there Smash! Tim’s speech <3. Awwh Matt asked Julie out. Don’t do it Smash! You’ll regret it, trust me.

1.08 – Tim/Billy/Tyra in the supermarket!! Tami/Lyla! Coach/Tami talking about the Matt/Julie situation. Matt/Smash “working” the Alamo Freeze. Coach in a wheelchair! Coach/Jason! Coach/Julie ping-ponging. Coach giving her some fatherly and wise advice!! [“Contrary to popular opinion I am very good communicating with women folk.” “Hunnie that is ridiculous.”] I love Smash’s Mum. Can’t believe Smash took money from the congregation though! Billy/Tim <3.

1.09 – [“At least she’s not interested in a serial killer or one of the Riggins”] Coach/Tami deciding what Matt and Julie are going to wear on their date!! Matt’s “I’m Matt Saracen, QB1” line makes me cringe every time. Matt pretending to be his grandfather and singing makes me cry with Julie and Landry watching <3. Oh so that’s how Smash got his nickname. Tyra/Jason friendship! Forgot all about that. Love them doing impressions of Riggins/Lyla. Awwh Buddy/Lyla “I was unfaithful Daddy.” “It’s only a game, you’re my daughter.” I LOVE YOU BUDDY. On the first watch, this is what made me like him rather than just finding him irritating. Matt/Julie kiss.

1.10 – OMG is that bitchy little Cheerleader also the bitchy little girl on Greek?? [“Who’s Landry?” “The Lance kid.”] LMAO. Mr/Mrs Coach laughing at Julie! Smash/Pastor’s daughter. LMAO! Coach/Tami trying to deal with the Matt/Julie situation is hilarious. They’re watching ‘The Office’, Matt shakes Julie’s hand. [“THEY HAD A BLANKET.” “You’re an idiot.”] Hahaha. Awwh Lyla <3. Haha the team in drag, dressed up as cheerleaders!!! Tami/Lyla <3. [“I’ve been making this gumbo since Michael Jackson had a nose like yours.”] ❤ Smash’s Mum. [“Please drive safely, watch the curb whoever you are.”] [“I’m gonna have a Matt chat.” “That sounds like a truly terrible idea.”] [“But he loves to refer to himself in the third person which, by the way, is incredibly annoying.”] Coach plays golf? Awwh Tim you’re so sweet. [“Lyla Garrity, yeah the whore with the website.”]

1.11 – Matt’s Dad. [“What’s the Scarlet Letter about Tim?” “It’s about a gal named Scarlet obviously.”] [“It’s part of my job to make sure you don’t grow up STUPID, it’s bad for the world.”] Landry being Tim’s language tutor!! Haha! Awwh Coach/Matt/Matt’s Dad. Haha Landry’s band. Oh Landry/Tim [“OMG you can’t read can you?”] <3. Coach/Tami fighting over the trash. Landry reading to Tim!! Haha! Oh I love this storyline! The way that Matt’s Dad doesn’t know how to handle his Grandma is tragic. Tami/Jason talk ❤ Tim/Coach [“I bring this up because as usual my wife is always right.”] Matt/Dad showdown. Tim came to see Landry’s band <3. [“Listen to me, we’re all family here. I will do anything for you, you know that.”]

1.12 – Awwh Matt taking care of his Dad. Smash telling Waverley that “no one walks out on the Smash” – she should’ve slapped him. Smash saying that Matt/Julie are his friends and they talk about intellectual non-football stuff. LMAO. “Waverlash” Hahahahahah. Matt/Julie ❤ ❤ <3. Oh Tyra, you rock! [“I love you guys and you’re the best parents in the world.” “No hunnie, something terrible must have happened.”] [“Nothing’s going to crush Matt Saracen. He’s like a little stink bug. Nothing can crush him”] [“Night Mum, you’re the best.” “What do you mean she’s the best?! What about me?! Hey!] [“He’s just a stupid guy. It’s not like Jesus Christ left you.”] [“He’s trying. What else can you really ask of anyone?!”] [“I don’t want to pay attention to her, I want her to pay attention to me”] Someone slap Smash for me! Just the look between Tim/Tyra at the Rodeo means so much more now. Tyra/Mum ❤ Buddy praying in Church! LMAO!

1.13 – [“Guilty pleasure, babe.” “Stress in a bottle.”] I love how Coach uses the tag line from the radio in his speech to the team. I love that Coach/Smash/Smash’s Mum showdown scene. Tyra/Mindy/their Mum scene! [“Mother, you are a barrel of bad advice.”] The look on Mr/Mrs Coach face when they realise the Mayor’s a lesbian! Grandma talking about Coach Taylor <3. [“This town just gets weirder and weirder.”] Smash’s Mum is one of the most underrated characters ever. Oh God this Matt’s Dad farewell scene mirrors the final Luke/Becky moment.

1.14 – Well, that’s one way to shut Buddy Garrity up!! Matt/Julie’s date got hijacked! The start of Tyra/Julie friendship. I am glad that Coach is riding Smash hard. Awwh Billy looking out for Tim. I totally forgot about Coach and Matt’s foray into the world of television. Coach/Smash and the little kids ❤ ❤ <3!!! [“What the hell, you want a hug or something?! Get out of here.”]

1.15 – Awwh, great win!! Oh Mac, I know you mean well but STOP TALKING! You’re digging a hole for yourself. Tami punishing Julie and Tyra! Landry’s smell theory!!! LMAO! Just hearing the word ‘powderpuff’ come out of Tyra’s mouth is hilarious. Smash actually makes a good argument to Waverly. LOL! Tyra out on the field! Coach laying down the law to Julie …. And then suddenly being so interested in the fact she’s playing quarterback <3! Coach/Julie playing football in the dark – MOST ADORABLE THING EVER!!! Tyra/Lyla showdown. Landry telling Coach off!! I love that Julie running scene! Oh Mac NOW you are an ass. Tami/Coach ❤ ❤ <3. That end scene is kinda powerful.

1.16 – [“Consider yourselves married now. Congratulations, gentlemen.”] The start of Landry/Tyra!!! [“I’ve got a guidance counsellor emergency.”] I love Coach coming to Tami for advice. [“Anyone else I can talk to?” “The three of you scare me.”] [“Do you mind if we make a stop at the ‘women with low self esteem’ palace?”] Julie hanging out backstage at the Landing Strip totally echoes Becky in Season 5. Hahahaha I forgot that they got arrested! [“All the other parents have picked up their perps, why can’t we pick up ours?!”] Haha brawl on the football field!! Love the standoff with the police and Mac standing up for Smash. [“You don’t need to worry about me. In a fight I just sort of stand at the back and yell stuff.”] Matt/Julie <3.

1.17 – Matt/Julie …. Hee. Smash giving Matt sex advice! Jason in Austin! I forgot all about this. Buddy talking to Coach and Coach not wanting to know!! LOL! OMG THE FIRST TAMI/JULIE SEX TALK!!!!! Tyra/Julie sex talk!!!! LOL! Tim ❤ ❤ <3. Tami/Coach trying to get their heads around Matt/Julie! [“The deer’s staring at me. I feel like it’s judging me.”] TAMI, I LOVE YOU. Matt/Julie – so adorable!! I love Tyra trying to take care of Tim and her Mum.

1.18 – Lyla looking after her brother and sister ❤ [“What is that thing on our front porch? It’s moving. That’s Buddy Garrity. Make him go away.”] The look of horror on Tami’s face. Tyra taking care of her Mum <3. Julie walking in on Buddy! That kid is really annoying! Thank you Tim for telling him to shut up. [“Why don’t I just stick pins in my eyes?!” “Well, I think that’s a terrible idea.”] [“I’m going to go to my room and do some homework. With the doors locked.”] [“Nothing is bigger than us”] so sweet Jason! Tami/Tyra!!!!

1.19 – To be honest Julie’s reaction the moving news is perfectly justified! [“Mrs T, you gotta be kidding me?!” “Oh no sweetie, I’m as serious as a heart attack.”] Tim standing up for the annoying kid! Cute! [“They got some top notch balleters”] The look Tami gives Coach!!!! Tami trying to talk to Tyra’s Mum and it having absolutely no affect!! Buddy’s TV advert!!!!!!!!! Jason and that girl! No! Mr/Mrs Coach dancing!!!! Tyra joining the Taylors for tutoring and dinner and her Mum getting all mad! Matt/Jason/Tim/Smash ❤ ❤ ❤ <3. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Absolutely love Jason coaching Matt and the others playing. Coach/Julie. Tyra/Mum at the father/daughter dance <3. Lyla at her father’s dealership smashing cars!!! Matt/Smash asleep! [“That is so Brokeback, man.”] I actually don’t mind the Tim/his neighbour. Coach/Julie ❤ ❤ <3. This is so definitely one of my favourite episodes.

1.20 – Coach seeing Jason training Matt ❤ ❤ ❤ [“I don’t want to eat turd.”] Wow I really don’t remember this episode! The money in Matt’s locker? The explosion? Train derailment? How can I not remember this?!?! I remember them having to play the game on a really dodgy field but I could not for the life of me remember the reason why. Wow that’s hard core. Landry trying it on with Tyra again. Wait, Lyla and Waverly hang out, talk about boys and shoot stuff???? You would’ve thought I’d have remembered that. Lol. Landry/Tyra in the library. Hee. Tim/Beau’s mother …. I find them kind of cute this time around. Is that really wrong?! The look on Landry’s face when Tyra uses the phrase “it’s a date”. LMAO! Tami and Coach in the field with the cows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [“Where would people pee?”] [“The cows are more supportive than you are.”] The cow coming up to Tami and you can so tell that is Connie laughing in RL. Mr/Mrs Coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ I love that scene between Jason/Lyla when she calls him a jackass. Awwh Smash as the good guy. THE KILLERS ❤ ❤ ❤ Tyra!!!! Oh God!!!! Best football game ever! I LOVE THIS SHOW! Gosh, just the end of the game and Matt/Julie and Smash/Waverly and then with Landry/Tyra, Coach/Jason …..

1.21 – Tami waking Coach up! Awwh Landry/Tyra! Listen to Matt’s advice Landry!!! DRUNK COACH! Awwh Matt/Julie!!! [“You don’t have any laurels Saracen.” “Not a damn laurel.”] Poor Tyra! Poor Landry! Tami telling Coach she and Julie are going to stay in Dillon….. that doesn’t go down well. Poor Tim! Poor Lyla! Oh no Lyla watching Jason kiss that girl. Tim/Tyra and the friends talk. Awkward roast! Buddy stealing Smash’s joke about Matt!!! I love their little one-liners about each other … and then Tim’s. AWKWARD. I literally wanted to die. Tami’s speech! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Mr/Mrs Coach so cute …. And so nicely played Tami!

1.22 – I forgot that Voodoo makes another appearance! Tyra/Landry … awkward! Smash’s Mum/Tami ❤ ❤ <3. Landry and Tyra’s whole family and Grandma Saracen. Heeee! Tyra singing in her car!!!! OMG all the women singing in Landry’s car – BEST THING EVER!!! Tyra/Lyla! I LOVE THIS SCENE! [“Garrity get in the damn car.”] Buddy/Coach! Coach’s speech! Voodoo wanting Smash to join his team! I love that Julie tries to defend Coach to Matt, even though she doesn’t want to leave Dillon. [“You’re pregnant like you’re going to have a baby pregnant?”] Hee! Mr/Mrs Coach ❤ ❤ ❤ <3. Wow the Panthers really got thrashed in the first half of the game. Ooh Smash got hurt! Every time I watch the final play of the game, I want to cry! LOL! Damn beautiful background instrumental music. Lyla/Tyra friendship <3. I love that Tami is standing barefoot on Coach’s shoes <3. Coach and his adorable “there are more important things than football speech” to Tami. I love Tami’s reaction “No!”. I love that Julie walks in, asks what is going on and then there is silence before ‘Devil Town’ starts playing. I love the parade! Look at Grandma Saracen so happy! Jason’s speech! I love that Matt starts applauding the Coach. God I love this show!


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