Grey's Anatomy: 7×19 – It's A Long Way Back

When I first heard about the Arizona/Callie/Mark/baby storyline I hated it.  Hated it.  Then I realised I had to accept if if I wanted to keep watching the show and still like Arizona.  But now I’m back to hating it.  This is going to sound like the most awful thing ever but why oh why oh why didn’t they kill the baby off?  Seriously, this episode wasn’t an amazing episode all round by any means but the worst thing about it was definitely all the baby stuff.  I want to go back to Callie/Arizona Season 6 when I liked them.  I don’t like this whole Mark/Callie/Arizona dynamic.  I am over it.  I tried to be patient with it but now that there is no end in sight I want to cut them out of my fandom world.  From now on Arizona can only have scenes with Teddy, Alex and anyone who isn’t Callie, Mark or Sofia.

(However, ohmygosh JCap gets major points for looking absolutely breathtaking in the stills from next week’s episode.  And I don’t like Avery with hair.  Just saying.)

Another thing I am over is this Alzheimer’s Trial.  It scares me.  I love Meredith and I don’t like what this trial makes her do (although I understand it and I think they always do a good job with explaining what’s going through Meredith’s mind as she makes these life altering decisions.  I am scared about Derek’s reaction though).  However, that twist with the Adele/Meredith conversation when Adele thought she was Ellis?  That was quite moving.

Alex/old lung cancer patient was interesting/adorable/tragic.  I thought it would have worked better being spread out over 2 episodes or something though to make the whole Alex/Africa thing remotely believable.  GA have been doing a lot more time jumps this season and I don’t like it.  Like with the Alex/Africa …. we sort of needed time to wrap our heads around something so big and yet half an episode later, the African children have arrived.  Boom!

Alex/Arizona is one of my friendship OTPs.  Hee they hugged!  Arizona and Meredith are the two characters I find Alex likeable with.

I also really liked Callie pushing Cristina/Meredith around on the bed.  No idea why but I thought it was cute.

I have nothing against James Tupper/Andrew Perkins, in fact I quite like him, but why is it that even though I know it won’t last and understand the reasons why Henry could never become a regular (he’s not a doctor so therefore no place for him in the show; Scott Foley is doing a pilot), my heart will not budge from Henry/Teddy?  Why couldn’t they have made him some sort of doctor who bizarrely doesn’t have medical insurance …. or more logically, some other member of the Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital staff so they could keep him in the show, even as just a guest star now and again?!?!  I don’t even care that Teddy herself clearly prefers Andrew to Henry – that can be explained by the fact she is scared by that whole ‘nice story’ she and Henry talked about and that things with Andrew are so less complicated ….. I love them.  LOVE THEM.  They are currently my favourite thing in the show, edging out my ever-present love for Meredith.  HENRY/TEDDY!!!!!!!   (Also, it kind of jarred how Teddy had no scenes in the hospital in this episode; it was weird.  And, what, does Owen hardly exist as a character any more?!  Also, I need more Teddy/Owen and Teddy/Arizona scenes in my life.)


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