Nikita: 1×20 – Glass Houses

What. The. Hell?!?!  I am not a gambling person but I am willing to bet a lot of money that by the time we get to the season finale, the only three names left on the credit list will be Maggie Q, Shane West and Lyndsy Fonseca and at this rate I’m not even confident about the last one.  Seriously?!  They did THAT.  So soon?!?!  There needs to be a slowmotion button for this show.  Or can someone create an AU where they keep the exact same plotlines apart from the fact that everything this season happens over 3 seasons rather than crammed into one.  Head.  Spinning.

Just like Lyndsy Fonseca spoiled me for Thom’s death, Tiffany Hines spoilt me for Jaden’s death in a vague way in that she said she was grateful for the comments and she had had fun playing Jaden.  Past tense.  I don’t know whether I’m annoyed that I guessed that something might have happened before watching the episode or relieved because if I hadn’t known I would literally be spluttering right now!

It’s not that they killed Jaden off.  I kind of guessed that she probably wouldn’t survive until the end of the series after the way they killed off Thom but I am shocked that they did it so soon!  Just as Jaden/Alex were becoming more frenemies than enemies. We needed to explore their friendship more before they did this!  We needed to see Jaden out in the world!  We needed to see more Jaden/Alex working together and Alex trying to hide Nikita/Michael from her.  We needed to entertain the possibility that one day Jaden could be converted and join Nikita/Alex/Michael’s side.  We needed so much more exploration of this before killing her off!  Yes Jaden wasn’t exactly my favourite character or anything but I am annoyed because TPTB killed off so much potential.

This brings me onto Nathan.  WTF?!?!  First, TPTB had us more invested in the Thom/Alex non-relationship than the Nathan/Alex actual-relationship.  I liked Thom/Alex, I wanted them to be the Alex OTP endgame.  Then the episode after she killed him they shove Nathan in our faces.  Way too fast!  We needed to see Alex’s guilt over Thom more and see proof that she liked him (even in a platonic way) as much as someone with her emotional issues could.  Anyway, moving on, Nathan is around.  And yet he’s not really.  I don’t care about him and Alex.  TPTB have done nothing to make me like them or make Nathan particularly likeable.  THEN THIS?!?!?!?!  He, a civilian, kills Jaden for her.  Woah!

And I hated the way it all went down.  And let’s face it, this is the first time in 20 episodes that I’ve had a real issue with a plot point but boy did I have an issue with plot arcs in this episode.

Which brings me onto: AMANDA NOW KNOWS NOT ONLY THAT ALEX IS NIKITA’S MOLE BUT THAT SHE IS ALEXANDRA UDINOV?!?!?!?!?!  I always thought that it would Amanda who finds out the truth rather than Percy but I always imagined her finding out one OR the other (obviously once she knew one, that would probably lead to finding out the other but not at the same time).

And again not only do I have issues with the fact they had it happen so damn soon but the way they had it happen.  With some listening device in Jaden’s ear???  I always imagined the moment Amanda finds out the truth about Alex’s identity to be so much more dramatic, like her actually seeing Nikita with Alex or something.

I would love to sit down and had a conversation with the writers.  Is it a case of halfway through the season they thought they might not get picked up for Season 2 so decided that if they only have one season, they were going to make it the best damn season ever or what?!  Even Shane and Maggie said they were shocked when they found out Michael/Nikita were becoming canon so soon as they knew in cases like this, the writers ALWAYS want to drag it out.

And yet everyone is optimistic about getting picked up for Season 2.  WHAT THE HOLY HELL HAVE THEY GOT PLANNED FOR NEXT SEASON?!?!  Short of the final ever showdown with Percy and Division, I can’t think of anything!  I mean at the rate they’re going how long can they legitimately drag it out for before the awesomeness plateaus and gradually starts going downhill or we start getting into Alias territory with the incomprehensible, hardly believable Rambaldi storyline?!  And like I am half-expecting Percy to find out that Michael is another mole in the season finale at the rate they’re going, which of course is the final epic reveal that they’ve got left in their playbook.

This episode did have a lot of positive points though.  I liked the whole Guardian’s storyline, even if I think they should have left it a little longer before playing another Guardian storyline.  I think they should only really touch on the Guardians twice or three times a season and this was a bit too close to the big Owen episode.  Anyway, yes, this Guardian was likeable and you really felt for her and glad that she has some hope of living happily ever after.  The Nikita/stepson scene was endearing as well.

Michael/Nikita were adorable.  I never imagined it would be Nikita willing to think about their happy-ever-after rather than Michael who was once a family man.  I loved all the hugs and kisses and them going undercover as a married couple and spluttering when asked about children!

Overall, it’s sad that they combined the bits I liked with the bits that filled me with shock and horror as I was too busy freaking out at the Alex/Jaden story arc to really appreciate the wonderful Michael/Nikita-ness.

I am actually terrified of the season finale now.  Terrified.


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