Rewatch: Brothers & Sisters Season 1

1.01 – Kitty/Sarah. Rufus from Gossip Girl!!! Phone conversations galore! And this was back when Kitty/Nora didn’t get on. Also Kitty really can’t cook! Kitty/Justin! Hee mention of wine and drunkenness already! I am very disturbed by the way Kevin eyes-up Justin in the scene in the kitchen when Justin was in his underwear. The […]

Chuck: 4×24 – Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger

Okay, call me confused but I thought the device was meant to kill someone almost instantaneously?  Wouldn’t Sarah be dead before they got her into a bath of ice cubes (I gather that slows down the effect of the device?)?  Oh wait, we’re not really meant to be too concerned with the semantics are we? […]

Grey's Anatomy: 7×22 – Unaccompanied Minor

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re just not going to enjoy an episode?  Well, that’s how I felt going into this.  I was wrong though.  I did enjoy it.  A lot more because I had so low expectations!  In fact I will go as far as to say that this was my favourite […]

Criminal Minds: 6.24 – Supply & Demand

KEVIN!  Was wondering when we were going to see him again!  Glad to see he and Garcia are still together and no one felt the need to break them up just because they’ve been together for 3 seasons. I also like that Gideon gets a mention now and again.  Some shows just like to deny […]

Hawaii Give-0: 1×24 – Oia'i'o

Danny/Rachel The money!  The Governor!  The exploding car!  Kelly Hu! God I love the theme tune! When I heard mentions that the Governor was coming back I knew she would be behind it all!  I didn’t expect (but not entirely shocked) her getting killed though.  Was it mentioned that someone got killed in spoilers?  If […]

Castle: 3×24 – Knockout

I’m not as obsessed with this show as everyone else but wow they do the “big episodes” well.  That’s when they really deliver, that’s why I keep watching. I don’t think I breathed during the opening ten minutes.  Wow. Sidenote: Does anyone think that the title credits music is totally inappropriate for episodes like this?  It’s […]

Chuck: 4×22 – Chuck Versus Agent X

I don’t even know where to start!  How about the Las Vegas / Las Vecas thing?  I found that legitimately funny.  Pure magic!  The tone of the comedy in this show exactly suits what I like and that’s why I love it so.  Sidenote: I love the camera angles in this episode, for example when […]

Chuck: 4×21 – Chuck Versus The Wedding Planner

I’m catching up with a few back-logged episodes of Chuck now that I know I don’t have to savour them as the last episodes ever and I just reached 4×21 which has to be the best episode we’ve had in a long time. It’s good to have a 100% light-hearted episode now and again and […]

CSI:NY: 7×22 – Exit Strategy

I loved the whole slow motion, muffled sound thing when Mac was sitting at the desk. Very artistic. Not being funny but an old case that comes back to haunt Mac?  Twice in a row?  Really?  That’s, erm, creative.  I get them having the season/series finale being Mac-centric but wouldn’t it make sense to have […]

Nikita: 1×22 – Pandora

Nikita finale time …  I honestly had no idea what to expect in this episode.  I can’t remember the last time I watched a show where I couldn’t even speculate as to what was going to happen.  I mean usually you are fairly certain that at the end of the day the good guys are […]