Brothers & Sisters: 5×20 – Father Unknown

Oh Brothers & Sisters, I was just getting myself psyched to accept the fact that you might be cancelled and that I might be okay with it and then I caught up with the last 4 episodes (finale next week!) and I totally fell back in love.

I mean the episode I want to flail about?  It didn’t even have Kitty in it, and you know how I feel about episodes where Callista is off on hiatus: they usually suck (as much as I love everyone else).  But this episode?  It had Luc and Saul singing!  It had Kevin and Scotty have this really emotional all-out shouting match!  It had Sarah being funny and most importantly it had Justin trying to keep everyone’s secrets and then exploding with the pressure.  It was all out Season 1 awesomeness.

However, how do I feel about the thing that was revealed?

I want Sarah to be a Walker dammit!  I know DNA is just DNA but still it sucks for her a bit.

I sort of thought how it was anticlimatical that the scene after THE reveal to Sarah, she was by all accounts perfectly okay with the news.  I know that somewhere back in the mind she had dealt with this possibility before, when she went to confront Brodie at the beginning of the season so she was prepared in some way but still.  A bit of an anti-climax but I’m glad she’s okay with it.

Also, whilst I’m at it: Scotty and Kevin!  I like them but I’ve never really been invested in them as characters or a couple but I loved them in this episode.  I loved their shouting match and I LOVED that little moment right at the end when they’re in Olivia’s room and Kevin touches Scotty’s hand (sidenote: WHY did they have the Scotty/affair storyline at the beginning of the season again?!?!  I mean most pointless thing ever since everyone acts like it never even happened – which I’m glad about by the way – thereby just underlining its pointlessness even more).
And I’m not overly fond of Olivia but again that final bedroom scene was adorable on all accounts and I do think it’s an interesting angle they’ve got going with Michelle and Daniel and now all of a sudden Kevin and Scotty have a newly adopted daughter AND a baby.  Good call writers, you have managed to make the show interesting again.  This and of course Seth/Kitty are definite highlights this season.

Okay, so now I have to flail about all the hilarity in this episode!  Saul/Luc and the singing/arguing over song choices!  Hee!  Justin keeping everyone’s secrets and all the crossed lines.  I loved the scene where Nora snuck into Sarah’s house and her whole lie about the turtleneck and hairbrush getting Luc and Saul suspicious

And I loved the Saul/Sarah in this episode.  Please say he’s going to walk her down the aisle?


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