Brothers & Sisters: 5×21 – For Better Or For Worse

Ooh I loved the opening scene with Sarah and Brodie!  See I thought in the previous episode she was taking it well, which she was but I’m glad she told Brodie she didn’t want to get to know him.  It’s what I would have done in her situation and it created ~drama~ without it being all “OMG what does it mean now I’m not a Walker?!” – I liked that they had it go the other way with her firming believing that William was still her Dad and that she’s a Walker and that DNA doesn’t matter …………… and having the freaking out come later..

KITTY’S BACK!!!!  Sarah/Kitty

TYLER’S BACK????  I love Justin/Tyler!  Heeee!  Yes, yes, yes!  I think on reflection I prefer Justin/Tyler than Justin/Rebecca?  Luc’s French cousins!  Ha!

Nora/Brodie/William FLASHBACKS!!  I liked them.  And I love that scene in the hospital reminding us that this was before DNA was invented!  Clever that.

Saul/Sarah!!!!  [“Can’t you be my Dad Saul?”]  That quote is adorable (if you don’t think too much about the incestuous implications….)  Sarah/Saul/Kitty

And now a few standout quotes from this episode because they made me laugh:

[“If we follow the octopus salad with the salmon it’s going to feel like a shark designed the menu.”]  courtesy of Sarah!

[“You know what, I’m going to see strippers.  They’ll understand.”] courtesy of  Justin!

[“I try not to eat doughnuts mainly because I don’t want to end up looking like one.”] courtesy of  Nora!

[“Sister, like full sister?  I’ve been promoted from half-sister?”] courtesy of Kitty!

And finally the end of another epic Kittie speech


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