Brothers & Sisters: 5×22 – Walker Down The Aisle

Awesome episode.  And I would just like to state for the record that Cooper totally stole the show for me.  Yes, Cooper.  It was old school Brothers & Sisters with so much “singing” and dancing it was almost a musical.  I had to put the clips on YouTube because the world needs to see Kitty and Kevin singing, Justin’s bad dancing, Gilles Marini and the male B&S cast singing and dancing*, not to mention Rachel Griffiths’ robot dancing and the entire cast dancing to Lady Gaga (I am just so cool that I didn’t even know it was Lady Gaga until Gilles Marini listed the songs played in the finale on Twitter ….. And whilst I quite like what I heard of ‘Born This Way’ that played in this episode, when I went to look it up on YouTube, I stumbled upon another Gaga song … ‘Judas’ I think?  And I can officially say it was the worst thing to have assaulted my ears in a long time).

*Jeffster and Chuck generally are going to have to go all-out to top this as my favourite wedding moment of the decade.  I mean as if Gilles Marini wasn’t sexy enough …..  And isn’t it everyone’s wish to see Arvin Sloane from Alias do a dance routine.  😉

Hee.  And the episode started with Sarah saying “Are you awake yet hunnie?” and then the camera panned out to reveal not Luc but a very tired looking Kitty in bed with Sarah ❤ ❤ ❤ <3.  My sisterly love ❤ <3.

Mirror scene of Kevin waking up Scotty and calling him “hunnie”.  Kevin the wedding planner juggling about a dozen calls!

Cooper and Paige waking Luc up <3.  I never appreciated Luc’s relationship with Sarah’s kids enough.

Tommy!  MY GOD LOOK AT HIS HAIR!!!!!!!!!!  Why did Sarah ask Tommy to walk her down the aisle instead of Saul?  😦

I love this old school sequence of Walker phone calls!

I KNEW THAT SOMETHING BIG WOULD HAPPEN TO KITTY LIKE GETTING PREGNANT!!!!  I knew it!  I thought it was going to be a proposal or a pregnancy!  I’m glad they had Seth not be onboard with the news not because he was scared of being a father or whatever but because he doesn’t want there to be any chance that he could lose Kitty to cancer <3.

“Maybe I could be my own something old”.  Hee Sarah.  Kitty and Kevin singing Sarah’s song!  LOL-WORTHY!  Must have been fun to film!

Kitty doesn’t want anybody to know and she tells KEVIN???  I always forget about the Kitty/Kevin dynamic <3.  I don’t think I have ever seen Kitty wear something so bright as her bridesmaid dress!!!

I’m glad Tommy didn’t bring his irritating fiancée with him.  I mean how do you make an irritating character even more irritating?  Give him the world’s most irritating girlfriend …

Cooper is Luc’s best man???  SO CUTE.  Cooper in this episode generally was so cute!  It’s the kind of thing that you just need to see but like when he went up and demanded a dance with his mother?  Adorable!

Sarah thinking that Paige might be pregnant?  Lol.

Seth/Evan ❤ ❤ <3.

Is it bad that I don’t really like Brody/Sarah bonding.  I wanted her to hate him a little longer as it seems like she managed to get over this life-changing news mightily fast, plus I wanted Saul to walk Sarah down the aisle.  =/

They did the montage thing with the music over the wedding service.  I don’t know the song they played but it was nice.  Also, you totally see Justin cover Cooper’s eyes when Luc and Sarah kiss!  Hee!

Saul/Christopher!!!  So there was a proposal in this episode too!!!  Good for Saul!

Luc and the guys’ song and dance for Sarah ……..  BABY I NEED YOUR LOVING.  BEST THING EVER!!!  I just absolutely love this moment

The slow dancing with everyone dancing with everyone else – Saul dancing with baby Daniel is the cutest thing ever.  So freaking cute.

This was the best .gif I could find and you get bonus Kevin/Scotty:

Tyler/Justin ❤ ❤ ❤ <3.  You know she’s the only person I think I ever shipped with Justin.  I know the main OTP is Justin/Rebecca but I could never get over the fact that the ~feelings~ started when they thought they were siblings.  Plus they had far too much angst for my liking.

Nora’s voiceover and everyone jumping up and down and dancing!  Kitty dancing with baby Daniel!!  Saul getting his groove on!  The robot!  The awesomeness!  Perfect ending ❤ ❤ <3.

Considering the fact that the show lost 3 main characters, this season was remarkably okay.  Now considering that last season was the Ryan debacle so the only way was up, that might not necessarily be saying much but still ……

I still will not understand why they decided to have Kitty keep Robert alive – that was so very daytime soap-ish.  And Sarah not being a Walker?  I know they needed an overriding story arc for the season but hasn’t this show had enough paternity issues to last a lifetime?!?!?!?!?!?!  I’m not going to go into other bad things about the season as I have mentioned them in episode reviews before.  Onto the good things:

– Seth/Kitty.  I was a huge fan of Robert/Kitty so if you’d asked me this time last year whether they could have come up with another awesome love interest for Kitty, I would have laughed in your face but boy did they get the casting right with this.  So adorable.

– Kevin/Scotty/Olivia/Daniel.  Yes, not necessarily Olivia’s biggest fan but she’s okay I suppose and I am glad that Kevin had his family fantasy come true.  I mean apart from Justin, he is definitely the character who has grown the most since the first season.

– Justin/Tyler.  Until I saw it, it never occurred to me that they would go full circle and bring Tyler back but I am definitely glad that they did, especially if this is the final episode.

– The “OMG Mum’s a lesbian” episode.  It was such a classic Brothers & Sisters moment that made me laugh a lot.

– I am glad that Saul got his happy-ever-after, even if I don’t like Christopher.

– I am glad that Nora got her happy-ever-after, even if I don’t like Brody.

If we were to get a Season 6, it’s going to be all about Brody and his children isn’t it?  Ugh, do not want.  I’m just not interested in seeing the Walker family extend even more.  I want this show to go back to its routes with the crazy dinner parties, not explore relationships with even more characters – this show has more than enough characters to make things work as it is.

You know, a part of me doesn’t want a Season 6.  This episode had such the perfect “happy ever after” vibe and let’s face it what can possibly top the singing and dancing to the Four Tops and the entire cast dancing to Lady Gaga?!  If this is it then it would be as satisfying a series finale as Greek‘s was.  Oh Walkers, I love you.

“Looking back on it, I kinda think it was the best of times. Families, like life, have a way of changing, never staying the same but they’re your family. This eclectic, deeply bonded group so you evolve. You adapt. Now as I look at my life and my new extended family, I think of this wonderful quote by George Elliot. ‘It’s never too late to be what you might’ve been.’” Nora Walker (Brothers & Sisters)


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