Nikita: 1×22 – Pandora

Nikita finale time …  I honestly had no idea what to expect in this episode.  I can’t remember the last time I watched a show where I couldn’t even speculate as to what was going to happen.  I mean usually you are fairly certain that at the end of the day the good guys are going to win and that no major character is going to be killed despite all the hints to the contrary?  With this show, that is so not a given.

Erm, Percy, Nikita is not dead.  She can’t be.  The show is called Nikita.  Someone should really tell him that.

Love that Birkoff/Michael scene.  Loved all Birkoff/Michael scenes in this episode actually.  I knew he’d be a good guy.  I love that he ships Michael/Nikita!

HOLY CRAP AMANDA!  I knew she had to have a heart somewhere!  Still, can’t quite believe she did that for Alex …… I mean I expected that she’d kill Alex but not that she would do it for her own good and set her free!


Percy looks so freaking scary with blood dripping from his lip.

Awwh Nikita/Alex.  My heart breaks a little.  Obviously I am glad that Alex saved Nikita’s life but the fact that things between them are so angsty and tense and although I don’t think Alex HATES Nikita, I think she resents her an awful lot and like she said, doesn’t trust her any more and is basically going to spend the whole of next season going against her.

AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  “New Division”.  Wow.

Michael/Nikita driving off into a very grey sky.  Wow.

And still no mention of Nathan.  WTF?!?!  Alex was meant to have legit feelings for him and even though she’s got a lot going on, we still haven’t seen him since he killed Jaden for her.  I think some follow up is necessary!!!

Can you believe I only started watching this show out of curiosity to see Maggie Q on the small screen and the only Eurasian lead on television?  I got sucked in pretty fast after that.

I’d probably said that 19 out of the 22 episodes were perfect.  I mean I didn’t expect any of the plot arcs to play out the way they did so kudos to the writers for surprising me nearly every time.

No other show’s first season can compare to Nikita‘s.  Talk about fast-paced or what.  I am surprised they didn’t drag out the Michael/Nikita and make it into a “will they, won’t they” thing.  I’m sort of sad about that as the way I see it, the only way is down from here.  Lol.

I was expecting:

Season 1 – Alex in Division
Season 2 – Alex graduates to Agent
Season 3 – Michael/Nikita gets together
Season 4 – The writers decide to do something “different”

I can’t say I am overly enthusiastic about the plans for Season 2.  You know me, I like the main characters to play happy families.  However, it will be interesting to say the least and this show has shown that it can write some amazing story arcs, even if they are unexpected.  The dynamic of this show seems to change every episode!  I can’t believe it’s changed to Alex + Amanda Vs Nikita + Michael with Percy and Birkoff somehow in the mix.  I am cautiously curious about Season 2 but if all else fails, we’ll always have this epic awesomeness that is Season 1.


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