Chuck: 4×22 – Chuck Versus Agent X

I don’t even know where to start!  How about the Las Vegas / Las Vecas thing?  I found that legitimately funny.  Pure magic!  The tone of the comedy in this show exactly suits what I like and that’s why I love it so.  Sidenote: I love the camera angles in this episode, for example when Awesome was explaining about Las Vecas ……  and again with Ellie/Sarah.  I can’t describe it but if you’ve seen the episode then you know what I mean.

Sarah/the strippers …….. boy I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look so uncomfortable!!  [“Ooh is that a gun?  No.”]


And then we come to the Agent X’s mother.  Oh dear Lord, best minor character EVER.  The way she was with Chuck, the way she was with Casey – the fact that she got so much of Casey’s admiration!  THE GRENADE AND THE KNITTING WOOL!!!!!!!!

Question: why is Volkoff’s lawyer guy driving a car with the steering wheel on the left if they’re in England???  Also, I am pretty sure you’ll never see a car like that on the streets over here unless it’s an import.

I KNEW THAT VOLKOFF WOULD BE AGENT X!!!!!!  I mean obviously at first I thought there would be a chance that Agent X was referring to Chuck but then I knew the only option left would be Volkoff.  How does Chuck’s Mum fit into all of this?


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