CSI:NY: 7×22 – Exit Strategy

I loved the whole slow motion, muffled sound thing when Mac was sitting at the desk. Very artistic.

Not being funny but an old case that comes back to haunt Mac?  Twice in a row?  Really?  That’s, erm, creative.  I get them having the season/series finale being Mac-centric but wouldn’t it make sense to have had the previous Mac/old partner story arc earlier on and stuck a Jo-centric episode beforehand?  Remember the beautiful Season 2 season where in the latter half each character had a “centric” episode … *sighs wistfully*.

When they sent out that postcard to all the news sources wouldn’t they have blocked out the ex-girlfriend’s address completely??  I mean who knows what kind of crazy people she could have coming up to her door.

It was a bit Without A Trace-ish with the missing girl but it was definitely an interesting case, one of the best of the season.

Epic use of montages at the beginning and end of the episode

I actually, honestly, believe that this works perfectly as a series finale.  I mean it was sort of understated rather than an all-out guns blazing like the previous episode but it was nice.  Like with the Brothers & Sisters finale (and I can’t believe I’m comparing these shows), everything is tied up but gives you the idea of what will happen in the future – Mac possibly leaving, changes for the Messer family etc.  the only sad thing is that there was hardly any Hawkes or Sid in this episode.  Actually there was hardly any screentime for any character apart from Mac, Flack and Danny.

If it does get another season then this episode is going to seem like such an anti-climax “yeah, yeah, Mac’s never actually going to leave the crime lab because shows always play this card” whereas the way this episode is played, you do actually believe that he’s going to do it.  Perhaps if there’s a next season they will have him leave the crime lab and then some “epic thing” happen to bring him back …… I don’t know, I kind of want this to be it.


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