Hawaii Give-0: 1×24 – Oia'i'o


The money!  The Governor!  The exploding car!  Kelly Hu!

God I love the theme tune!

When I heard mentions that the Governor was coming back I knew she would be behind it all!  I didn’t expect (but not entirely shocked) her getting killed though.  Was it mentioned that someone got killed in spoilers?  If it was then I would’ve put money on her as it’s far too early in the show to touch Gracie or Rachel.

Poor Kono and the whole money thing!  Just as Chin is in the clear!

And can we just take a minute to appreciate how Danny took everything in his stride.  Wow.  If I were him I’d probably be freaking out at this point.

Wow things are in a bit of a mess aren’t they?  Can’t wait to see how things work themselves out.  It was an amazing episode all around.  I probably need to rewatch the season to fully appreciate it more and follow the threads through about Steve’s father’s case.  I like how they didn’t exactly end it on a major life/death cliffhanger but still obviously left you wanting to see the next episode right away.


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