Criminal Minds: 6.24 – Supply & Demand

KEVIN!  Was wondering when we were going to see him again!  Glad to see he and Garcia are still together and no one felt the need to break them up just because they’ve been together for 3 seasons.

I also like that Gideon gets a mention now and again.  Some shows just like to deny the existence of past characters.

I’ve seen that actress playing that Agent Andi Swan somewhere …. hmmm.  I definitely liked and felt sorry for her character.  Can she please be a recurring character showing up maybe twice or thrice a season?  Possible love interest for Hotch?

Interesting case!  Can’t believe that twist with the girl being part of the abduction ring.  So glad that they saved the FBI agent and killed that awful twisted leader girl.  Also, it was kind of nice not have have a *major, epic, finale* with a member of the team in danger since we’ve always had that and already had that with Prentiss a few episodes ago.

Please give Ashley Seaver something to do.  There is currently absolutely no point to her character at the moment, especially since she will no longer be the “token female”.  So frustrating because the writers should be going out of their way to make her character especially likeable.

Okay, so JJ didn’t really contribute to the fact that this was an interesting case for once but still.  Hahaha!  At the shot of her legs!  Waiting in Rossi’s office!  JJ’s coming back!

I can’t wait to find out what the deal is with Strauss and what Hotch is up to.  Is anyone going to leave the team, even for a bit?  Clearly they should kick Ashley Seaver out as she isn’t contributing anything to the team and they could save money there.  Overall though this episode has left me feeling optimistic that this show can get back to its old self.


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