Grey's Anatomy: 7×22 – Unaccompanied Minor

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re just not going to enjoy an episode?  Well, that’s how I felt going into this.  I was wrong though.  I did enjoy it.  A lot more because I had so low expectations!  In fact I will go as far as to say that this was my favourite episode of the show for a VERY long time.  Shocker right considering that I think most of you guys disliked it?  Also, as someone who has watched the show for Meredith and Derek/Meredith from the Pilot, how could I be so happy given how that relationship ended?

I have faith.  They will end up together.  And they have been through a LOT worse.  And considering how much Derek apparently loves Zola, he WILL get over it, even if it takes some time.  That’s all that needs to be said.  I’m a believer.

Okay so the Meredith/trial thing?  It wasn’t as painful as I thought the reveal would be.  I liked that Meredith wanted to keep everyone else out of trouble and that she was willing to take the consequences.  I was quite surprised that Alex so quickly became the one who did something wrong.  I get Cristina hating on him but I was quite surprised that Owen said what he did to him.  Obviously major Derek/Meredith fallout but I was prepared for that.  I understand why Derek feels the way he does but I am with Meredith on this – life is more complicated than black/white and the fact it was Adele DID make a difference and that doesn’t make her a bad mother.  Guys, she has matured so much!  The fact that Owen called her the only universally liked individual kind of says it all (though really doesn’t that award go to Arizona because she’s never had anyone hating her apart from Callie).

What I want to know is whether this is the end of the whole matter?  Meredith is suspended, end of story or is she going to have to suffer additional punishment.  I want this to be the end with some small mention about the trial being stopped or whatever at the start of the season.

OR does this mean that the whole hospital is going to lose its FDA approval and Chief’s clinical trial is going to be shut down and therefore this will affect Henry’s survival chances …………!

Cristina’s pregnant?  Meh.  She did get points for telling Owen because for a moment there I thought she wasn’t going to and then the angst would come next season from her guilt.  The way it all played out?  Very true to their characters.  Cristina has not been in my good books a lot lately but I love that she stuck to her guns.  The sheer horror of her having a baby just to please Owen and then obviously realising that she still didn’t want a child when she had a child was something I always feared for Arizona.  Now with Arizona that’s never going to happen because she HAS to love the baby to stop Mark basically replacing her.  With Cristina, there is no way she could have a baby.  I knew that and if she did then I would just be waiting for her to start regretting it which would be even worse.  So, yes, I am totally on Cristina’s side on this. Of course she could have been a bit more understanding to Owen’s wishes but, hey, that’s Cristina.  However, it needs to be said that I do see Owen’s POV as well, I can understand the frustration of loving someone and wanting to be with her no matter what but the pain of her denying you the one thing you’ve always wanted.  I felt sorry for him.  But he knows Cristina, does he really think he can change her mind about this?  He’s a bit naive.  Isn’t he more worried that she agrees and then regrets it later?  What kind of life for them would that be?  It’s an impossible situation really.

I thought that Cristina was going to have a miscarriage when she kept talking about needing to lie down but that would be repeating Season 2 / Meredith’s storyline last season.  Hmm.  There is still time for that to happen or for her to possibly change her mind about having the abortion though I don’t really see that happening in a realistic way.

Sidenote: I thought Cristina was an awesome friend to Meredith in this episode.  That scene at the end where Meredith asks her why she didn’t tell her and she says “well, you were having a bad day” gets major friend points.

Mark/Lexie – I’ve never been invested but I quite liked Mark in this episode and that speech that Lexie made about always loving him and always coming back to him <3.

Avery/Lexie – Ditto above but it was cute when she looked at him through the window.  Again the whole situation doesn’t really make me feel anything one way or the other!

Avery/April – That scene was cute.  Poor April!  The shock of realising her new friends will hate her!

Callie/Arizona – So glad that THE BABY wasn’t mentioned though was a little surprised that we didn’t even get a glimpse of them at the montage of the end.  Surprised but not disappointed.  I adore Arizona but any chance the threesome could take a month long hiatus and not be on our screens for the first part of next season?  I like them more that way.

Eli/Bailey – I’ve had issues getting over seeing that actor as a crazy serial killer but I really really liked him in this episode.  That end scene where they talk about meeting Tuck

Alex/Lucy – That hurt.  But kind of nice that she didn’t turn out to be 100% a bitch who stole his job?  I mean there were feelings there.  Shonda said that if Rachael wasn’t going off to a new show then there would be hope for them longterm and I would have been okay with that.  I mean she seems like she could have been okay in comparison to some of Alex’s previous love interests …..

Alex – Turns out that I liked him in this episode.  He gets points for trying to rectify his betrayal and let’s face it, at the nub of it, he did the right thing (for the wrong reasons) and he got a lot of crap for doing so!

Meredith/Zola – Wow, unexpected cuteness.  I never really saw it before but that scene where she takes Zola home and talks to her?  I finally see Meredith being an okay mother.  This episode made me love Meredith more.  She stuck to her principles but she didn’t want to get anyone in trouble.  The thought of having to take Zola home and suddenly be a mother by herself freaked her out but she did it anyway.  The only thing was that I thought she was a bit insensitive at the end when Cristina told her about having an abortion and then Meredith was like “come upstairs and help me with the baby”.  WTF?  Heh.

Teddy/Henry …………….. The Mentalist gave me but guys, I have been preparing myself for this episode to signal the end of my beloved ship for so long that it never occurred to me that it wouldn’t happen.  All I’ve ever heard from Shonda is that there is no place on this cast for someone who isn’t a doctor and I get that, I respect it, but are you telling me that halfway through next season Henry is going to die or that Henry/Teddy are going to break-up?  Because do I have to fear that from now on or do I get to enjoy blissful Henry/Teddy being happy without worrying about that?  STILL, POSITIVE THINKING GUYS.

The way it was all done though.  The first scene with the whole rockstar comment and the fact that he makes he laugh a lot.  Then the scene where he was angry at her which broke my heart but was so powerful and then the last scene ……….. <3<3<3<3<3.

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW SURPRISING AND HAPPY THAT MOMENT MADE ME.  I kept checking to see how much more of the episode we had left and worrying whether we were going to get another scene which somehow counteracted the flailiness but no, nothing!

Although, for that moment after they kissed I felt for sure it was going to be a “hahah yeah, I love you but clearly we have no chemistry and we’re better as friends” moment.  I think I saw that in a romcom once and it has broken me.  Seriously, that thought actually ran through my head.  But then she spoke!  And said she was falling in love with him!  And I just melted into a pile of goo!  I love these two an insane amount.

I AM SO OBSESSED!  I haven’t been this ship-obsessed since Michael/Nikita thoughts started to form about October time.  THESE TWO ARE ADORABLE.

TVLINE | Speaking of guest cast with pilots in play: Did you have psychic intel that Scott Foley’s CBS show wouldn’t get picked up??
No, and let me tell you, we were holding our breath. I wish all the best for Scott, but we were holding our breath. We fully planned to go forward with [the Teddy/Henry] story in a slightly different way if he had gotten another television show, but we knew we were ending it this way no matter what.

TVLINE | So Foley will definitely be back next season?
I am very hopeful that we will see him again.


The”case”?  I’m not going to lie, that scene in the cafeteria where the woman who had just lost her son wants to stay for the unaccompanied minor and then everyone else does too.  It did move me.  There were almost tears.  It’s her!  The mother!  The one who doesn’t actually look like Robin Tunney but looked like her in that one episode of Criminal Minds.  Holy crap all these strange characters are having an affect on me!  I actually just fell in love with them all.  I had that a TV show has made me have faith in humanity again.

Okay so next season has the potential to be a much better season than this one.  Shonda said that because it may be the last season for the original cast (don’t make me deal with that situation), the focus is going to be on Meredith, Cristina, Alex and Derek.  That’s what the focus of the show should always be on for the most part.  You know how much I love Arizona but my God did the Callie/Arizona/Mark drama ruin this season.  I mean, dude.  And then there’s of course going to be Henry/Teddy WHICH DOESN’T INVOLVE IN HIM DYING.  I AM WARNING YOU SHONDA.  If there has to be a death, you better give me ONE WHOLE SEASON of fluff beforehand.

Man it just occurred to me that there were a lot of weddings in this season.  Four weddings, 3 of which were between main character/main character.  Is that a record for a show?


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