Chuck: 4×24 – Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger

Okay, call me confused but I thought the device was meant to kill someone almost instantaneously?  Wouldn’t Sarah be dead before they got her into a bath of ice cubes (I gather that slows down the effect of the device?)?  Oh wait, we’re not really meant to be too concerned with the semantics are we?

General has legs again!

So many cute moments …..  I know Chuck/Sarah have a lot of cute moments generally but man they were CUTE in this episode!  The opening scene in bed!  The dry run of the wedding!  Morgan talking to Sarah whilst she’s unconscious.

The way that Ellie tells Devon to take out the CIA guard all business like!  I LOVE that moment!  Awesome is so Awesome!

CASEY!!!  The CAT Squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Casey’s “Russians …. so many Russians!”  Throughout this whole episode Casey was totally my favourite character.

LMAO!  The church sign!  TPTB are SO CRUEL!

OMG Casey’s crying!!!


I know they had to make the wedding as different to Awesome/Ellie’s as possible and they made this one ~serious~ rather than humorous but I still missed having a Jeffster performance!

I don’t like what Decker said about them all being pawns.  If what he says is true then it’s all other-worldly and confusing and brain can’t handle it and I don’t want to get into a situation where “Chuck/Sarah happened because it was planned”.  I mean WTF?!?!  Can we just ignore that whole conversation actually.

I also do not like that Morgan got the Intersect.  I have issues.  I think it would be an interesting/humorous way to end the series if this was the series finale and we didn’t actually have to explore Morgan+Intersect but having it play out on screen next season?  Meh.  Can he have it for like 2 episodes and then have it suppressed and given back to Chuck?

I do quite like the idea of Chuck/Sarah/Casey being freelance spies and the fact that Chuck has a hell of a lot of money.  Also liked the way the Volkoff storyline played out and it ended with him definitely being good and not becoming evil again which I feared throughout the whole episode.  I mean overall the Volkoff storyline turned out the have a pretty good ending – the fact that he was actually a good guy and it was all a persona due to the intersect?  Nice twist.  I think the whole Vivian Volkoff thing was a bit meh but even that turned out to be okay in the end.

However, I’m going to be honest and say that I am so glad that this was not the series finale because it was a little anti-climatic; I have enjoyed pretty much every other season finale more than this one (not to say I didn’t enjoy this one but you know, if I had to rate them) which was weird because this one was THE wedding, what the show has been building up to for 4 seasons and I just didn’t feel it.

It was heavily focussed on the spy stuff (I like the spy stuff but not the OTT stuff like the motorbike and the Russians parachuting in) and Decker – too sudden introduction, not enough funny Jeffster moments and not enough use of the minor characters: Buy More, Alex, CAT Squad.  I am disappointed, not majorly so, but I do think that the episode where Chuck/Sarah get married shouldn’t be the same episode where they spend time and energy setting up the “gamechanger” – not enough screentime to do either one justice.


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