Rewatch: Brothers & Sisters Season 2

2.01 – Kevin on his phone in church!!! Nora’s video message to Justin <3. Nora worrying about Justin <3. I love the change from tension into humour. I had no idea that Liz Tigelaar was a producer on this show!!! Kitty jealous of Rebecca! [“I don’t want nice. I want my mother.”] Nora/Kitty fake smiling!!! I love this Nora/Holly scene at the cemetery when they see the third woman coming!!! Oh I love Walker get togethers. I love Kevin/Jason. Wait, how come Nora didn’t give Sarah her old wedding dress? If I were Sarah, I’d be a bit miffed. Family dancing! Just like in the series finale! Oh Justin ….

2.02 – I can’t believe they opened the next episode with a military funeral! So cruel! [“Great, butchest moment of my life wasted on my sister.”]. The synchronised phone conversations <3. Travis! I love Kitty’s calm rant at him! Lena, Rebecca’s friend was in Season 15 of ER!!! Kitty/Kevin/Nora and the radio show! Lol! [“Take off, I’ll be fine. Or I won’t. It doesn’t matter any more.”] [“Man to man, is there any chance you can get out of this wedding?” “No. I’m madly in love with her.”] Nora/Kitty/Kevin/Justin at the hospital! Justin’s homecoming! Look at that lovely mood transition from tragic sadness at the Justin/Nora to the comedy with Nora/Kitty/Robert. Something I never appreciated the first time around? The Justin/Robert friendship. LOVE. Justin/Nora <3.

2.03 – Kevin/Justin and the bath! Kevin putting on Wham! ❤ Nora. Again it occurs to me how they toned down Scotty’s campness in later seasons. Saul ranting about golf! Scotty/Kevin <3. Robert’s ex-wife! Kitty’s eBay Ronald Reagan bobble head!

2.04 – [“Oh god she’s going to be so sympathetic I’m going to have to end up comforting her.”] Sarah/Kitty <3. Scotty seeing Saul at the gay party. Nora guilting Sarah and Kitty into letting her go with them to the spa. Hee they got thrown out of the spa! And they gatecrash the wedding! Oh God the Tommy/Lena thing. No, no, no! Saul’s not gay! Or so he says …. Oh Justin, don’t do it!

2.05 – Kitty’s pregnant! Oh poor Sarah ❤ ❤ ❤ <3. I love Kevin in lawyer mode and that he’s there for her. Ooh that’s a bad Robert/Kitty fight. Halloween at the Walkers. Saul putting his foot in it! ADORABLE Kitty/Sarah scene. Equally adorable Nora/Kitty scene. Oh SARAH ❤ ❤ <3.

2.06 – Tommy/Lena … NO! Sarah reading stories over the phone to Paige and Cooper ❤ ❤ HP3!!!! Kitty’s getting married in two days!! Danny Glover! Paige/Kitty <3. Oh poor Kitty <3. There’s this one shot at one angle when Scotty’s wearing glasses that he scarily looks like Rob Lowe. Just this one time. Justin/Lena. That was the moment when I stopped loving Robert so much, when he said he never wanted the baby and never told Kitty. I mean I can understand his POV of course but that’s just so cold and he really should have discussed it all with Kitty before this all happened. Nora/Kitty <3.

2.07 – Love Holly when she’s giving sensible advice like this. I know I’ve blogged about this before but this intervention/ambush scene is one of my favourite moments of the series, especially Kitty’s speech to Justin ❤ ❤ <3. Sarah’s knitting! I’m sorry but Tommy is in no position to be judging Justin at this point. Ugh, Tommy. Love the family rallying around Justin. Nora putting her foot down with Justin. LOVE that Justin/Kitty scene. Saul is gay! I wonder if this was always the plan from the beginning! I hate that Robert lies to Kitty there. THE HORSES. I LOVE THIS SONG. Justin/Nora/pool ❤ ❤ <3.

2.08 – [“What about that wonderful song by the Dixie Chicks?” “At a Republican candidate’s wedding?!”] [“”Because You Loved Me?” How Is That A Good Wedding Song? It’s Past Tense.”] They’re sitting around discussing songs they lost their virginity to? Seriously? This is normal for an American family?! As much as I love Kitty hating Rebecca, it was sweet that she asked her to be her bridesmaid. [“Should we hug?”] Doesn’t Nora’s Brodie story replace her current Stan story? Robert/Kitty’s face at the dancing. STEVEN WEBER! Kevin/Scotty <3. Kitty/Sarah/Rebecca dress shopping. Travis/Kitty/Robert at dance lessons! What Robert did for Kitty was so sweet!

2.09 – Robert/Kitty <3. Tommy/Kevin/Justin bet on whether Kitty would ever get married? Ouch! [“Sarah I don’t want the guests thinking about my boobs and their ripeness.”] [“What about this? Our love is like the war – out of control, endless, without reason ..”] LOL SARAH! Nora/Kitty. LOL. I think I’d forgotten how awesome this episode is! I think we’re at the stage now where I’ve only seen all the episodes once before and I’m getting wonderful surprises with moments I’d forgotten about. Robert’s children! I forgot that they came for the wedding. I’m glad that Julia is back for the wedding too. KITTY/SARAH ❤ ❤ <3. Cooper is so adorable! LMAO Nora/Kitty walking down the aisle! KITTY/NORA hug <3. ROBERT’S VOWS ❤ ❤ <3. Kitty interrupting the ceremony! [“I seem to have lost my date. I wonder where Holly Harper is.”] Hee Tommy, Kevin, Justin in lockdown. Nice Rebecca/Sarah moment there. David!!!!

2.10 – I’m glad that they passed over the moment the Robert’s helicopter story broke and just started dealing with the aftermath. Nora has a crush! Sarah is dancing! Dude, Laura Innes directed this episode!!!!!!!! The Walker kitchen scene!!! Nora/Isaac.

2.11 – God this Lena thing drags on doesn’t it? Sarah/Graham <3. Nora/Isaac! JASON! Jason/Kevin/Scotty! [“I’m feeling a little entourage deficient.” “I’ll try not to take that comment personally”] Steven Weber is awesome. Sarah speaking Mandarin is the best thing ever! Graham speaking Mandarin! As much as I hate the Lena thing, I don’t hate her as an individual person. Maybe because I liked the actress in ER?

2.12 – Kevin and Scotty’s gay friends! [“C’mon Kevin, we’re Walkers. Let’s go do what Walkers do best.” “Get drunk?”]. Robert’s kids choosing to watch porn! I love this episode for the Kitty/Robert’s kids bonding thing! [“Sometimes motherhood means sucking it up. Kitty go suck it up.”] IT’S KEITH MARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who’s gay! RACHEL GRIFFITHS SINGING CHER ❤ ❤ <3. Kitty the evil stepmother! KEVIN SINGING!!! ROB LOWE AND ERIC WINTER HOTNESS AGAIN. Seeing Patricia Wettig and Ken Olin together is so sweet. Robert/Kitty/children ❤ <3. No Tommy in this episode!

2.13 – Poor Robert! Wait, a 3 months time jump????? I forgot all about that! Man that must have shocked me the first time too! Meh, I hate time jumps! Robert/Kitty <3. Isaac/Nora <3. Forgot that they were actually in quite a serious relationship! Love that Sarah refers to Rebecca as the “new one”. Tommy, Kitty, Sarah, Kevin sneaking into the house. I cannot remember this episode AT ALL. The look on everyone’s face when Nora says she is moving. Golf interrogation! Holly/Nora in the kitchen! Kevin/Sarah confounded by the store-bought food. Kevin crying and Sarah slapping him! Another secret that Justin has to keep! The birthday toast! Nora’s speech <3. Kitty/Nora <3.

– Breakfast for Nora. The Pasadena fundraiser again! Full points for consistency! Kitty answering the door in her bathrobe! The boys surfing and speculating about Rebecca’s sexuality! I do feel sorry for Rebecca here. Poor Holly! Poor Sarah and Ojai!

2.15 – That Robert/Kitty sequence is hilarious. [“Just stay there and marinate.”]. Oh god Justin has a crush on Rebecca! Sarah taking the blame. Feel so sorry for her! [“YOU’RE ATTRACTED TO OUR SISTER?!”] Saul telling the truth <3. Holly rocks in that moment – telling Tommy to get his family to blame her. I don’t like the fact the storyline exits but Dave Annable was awesome in this episode and I love the scene where Justin tells Rebecca how he’s feeling in the cinema. Intense Rebecca/Holly scene. Saul in prison! Forgot about that. Oh GOD this is the scene which bred all the Saul/Kevin shippers. Ugh. Justin ❤ ❤ <3. Missy Higgins’ ‘Warm Whispers’. Kevin’s proposal <3.

2.16 – Everyone is on their phones! Nora is despairing! Family meeting! Lol Kevin. Sweet Nora/Rebecca moment. FLASHBACK!! Kevin/Dad. Boys roadtrip! Nora/Scotty adorableness. Kitty/Sarah <3. Tommy and Justin double act is hilarious in this episode. Scotty’s parents! Kevin/Nora <3. Justin/Cooper! Adorableness echoed in series finale. [“Kevin, please place my husband’s ring on Scotty’s finger.”] [“We’re like the Mafia us Walkers. Once you’re in, you can never get out.”] Poor Sarah! No One believes her about Ryan! Saul’s coming out moment! LOL! [“My God this is like the gayest week of my life.”] Just the way Justin says that cracks me up! Robert/Kitty ❤ <3. Kevin figured out the Ryan clue!


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