Rewatch: Friday Night Lights Season 2

Was Season 2 as bad as I remembered? No actually. I don’t know whether it’s because I was able to take certain awful storylines with a pinch of salt this time around, knowing that this show would get excellent again but this season contains a lot of forgotten gems. Also, it is important to note that even if I don’t like some of the storylines, this season isn’t boring. It isn’t a complete waste of time. It’s not as bad as some shows where not only is the entire season a waste of time but the few storylines they try to include to keep it exciting are some of the worst relationships/writing/characterisation ever. Also, TIM RIGGINS

2.01 – [“WWRD – What Would Riggins Do?”] Matt/Landry scenes are so funny! Tami’s giving birth! [“Why’s her head so pointy?”] That is a very good question Julie. I was still thinking that in Season 5. [“She’s dating the Saracen and she’s flirting with the Swede.”]. Landry/Tyra – so awkward! Lyla the Christian! Tim/Lyla! Hee. Coach/Grandma Saracen hug! Julie the epicly moody teenager. Tough new coach! Matt/Julie – SO AWKWARD. Lyla’s grace! Haha. Tami

2.02 – Glenn!!!! LOL! Grandma Saracen’s tiara. New Coach trying to oust Buddy from his top spot on the Boosters – I forgot about this! Landry playing football? Ouch. Oh God it’s Carlotta! The start of another storyline that makes me embarrassed for this season! The Swede really doesn’t look Swedish. Tami

2.03 – Coach/Matt … Awwh. I forgot that Riggins gets hospitalised. [“I don’t want Glenn over at the house with his hands on my wife’s icebox.”] LOL. Tim at church!!!! LOL! Oh I do like Buddy now. That Tami/Julie scene was really intense. That Tyra/Landry’s Dad scene was nice. Coach/Tami

2.04 – Hee the Mexico episode! I do feel a bit sorry for Coach McGregor. Oh Jason/Tim in Mexico – LOL! Julie’s driving lessons! Awesome Tami/Julie conversation. Tami/Julie

2.05 – [“Aren’t you sweet to ask about little old me?!”] Coach/Tami bedroom scene LOL! Tim/Lyla/Jason in Mexico. [“I’ll take him back to Texas in a box if I have to.”] “I love ya, don’t touch me!”] I forgot about the fact that Coach still thinks Landry is called Lance! [“She’s cute. Does she do anything yet?” “She’s mostly just a baby.”] Matt talking to Tami about Julie! Hee. Tim’s speech to Jason

2.06 – Tami’s sister!!!!! It’s Terri from Glee!!!!!!!!!!! Santiago and the pig! Coach being jealous of Glenn “It squeezes milk out of a lady’s udders”] oh Billy! Smash inviting Tim to dinner! Tyra/Julie friendship. Coach/Jason

2.07 – Tim/Tyra, hee! The effortless way Tami got Tyra and Lyla to help her out! Oh God it’s the Julie/teacher thing isn’t it?? I forgot ALL about that! Somehow I thought we went from !awfulJulie/Swede to nothing for awhile. Santiago is sort of adorable. Wait, an entirely black college actually exists??? How is that not racist???????? Isn’t that racism in itself?! [“Don’t whisper-yell at me!”] Tyra/Lyla in the men’s lockeroom! LOL! I LOVE this Tyra/Lyla/football team storyline! Matt can’t dance! Have to say that it was a bit naïve for Smash’s Mum to think she was going to change his mind about that. The look on Tami’s face when the team start stripping is hilarious!!!!!!!! Tim’s new roommate – that weird guy! Buddy and Santiago! I actually can’t remember how the Santiago story ends but he was adorable in that last scene.

2.08 – Matt the player! Coach being jealous of Glenn/Tami is adorable! Tami threatening Noah! Wow. Coach being jealous of Glenn is kind of annoying now when he gives that speech to Tami. One of the rare times where I dislike Coach. Smash getting chased out of college and having to call Matt to pick him up! LOL! Landry/Lyla conversation. That doesn’t happen a lot! Tim walking into the Meth lab! Tim’s apologies to everyone

2.09 – LANDRY!!! I’ve always thought that the guy who plays his Dad actually looks like he could legit be related to him. Tim on athletics/gymnastic duty!!! Tami/Julie fight! Santiago

2.10 – Tim/Gracie adorableness. Also, that’s a cute baby playing Gracie for once. Oh so I guess this is the episode where the legions of Tim/Julie fans on started shipping? Tim is pretty adorable though. Shelly and Julie staring at Tim working out! LOL! Buddy bonding with his family! LOL Buddy on the dance machine! [“So you’re taking Tyra to the fall formal? Does she know that?!”] LOL Julie/Landry. Man Tyra messes Landry around doesn’t she! Look at the Taylor family plus Tim sitting around and doing their homework! Awwh. See I like the Tim/Julie friendship and that’s it. Poor Buddy! Tim/Coach playing pingpong in the middle of the night! School fight! That must have been insane to film! The best bit is when you see Tyra beating up that guy with all the hair and then it descends into a food fight. Ugly baby Gracie is back. OMG the dancing at the school dance! Landry standing up to Tyra! DrunkJulie! Poor Tim! That’s the thanks he gets when he tries to do the right thing – like with Becky! This scene always makes me sad.

2.11 – I like Shelley more this time around! Smash’s hardcore recruitment! I wish Julie told Coach the truth about the Tim thing there. I HATE that she doesn’t and that Coach hates Tim! Smash’s Mum is awesome! I cannot believe Julie doesn’t defend Tim. Ugh. She gets a few points for apologising to him. LMAO! The channel changing to ‘The Office’. Coach/Smash talk. Yay Julie finally tells Coach the truth about Tim

2.12 – Gracie’s going to day care! Or not! LOL! It’s WEEVIL! It’s LOGAN!!!!!! Glenn/Gracie!!!!!!!!! Buddy being all hospitable. Pretty sure he’s going to live to regret that. Coach/Gracie adorableness. Tami is busted again! OMG Noelle’s parents being against Smash because he’s black! Tami and Coach “not fighting”. [“Buddy’s here. He’s got a box.”] Poor Buddy! He’s adorable in this episode! Carlotta/Matt are a bit adorable! Oh God I remember the start of this Smash storyline! I think this is the only time we see Coach/Tami in their garden like this. Poor Tim! Awwh Buddy/Santiago “She didn’t even turn around and look at me. I think she’s totally over me.”] Awwh Coach/Tami at day care!

2.13 – Wheelchair fight! Poor Tim! Ack Smash. Tami the volleyball coach!!!!!!!!! Tyra/Julie friendship

2.14 – Matt is all emo! Tyra’s jealous of Landry’s girl. Julie is jealous of Tyra/Tami. Drunk Matt at practice! Volleyball game and party at Tami’s! Awwh Tami trying to make it up to Julie “You’re the Dillon Panthers, baby.”]. Awwh Smash.

2.15 – Tim and Billy in church! Tami’s high school sweetheart. I don’t remember this AT ALL. Panthers playing dodgeball! Coach is all jealous! Matt/Landry talking about Tyra. Coach/Jason. Landry’s moment to shine. Coach letting the other team score “I was defending your mother’s honour.” “With your face?!”]

I could not remember this finale episode at all. It was seriously like watching it for the first time. I loved it, definitely one of the highlights of the season.

When I first watched the Pilot, I immediately thought that Jason, Lyla, Tyra, Smash, Tim were all in the same year as were Julie, Matt, Landry. I think TPTB only worked out their ages later because there is no way that I believe that Lyla and Tim are a year younger than Smash.


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