Rewatch: Without A Trace Season 1

Wow, I didn’t think I would ever be able to embark on a rewatch of this show. It was my first real TV obsession …… it was also the first fandom to break my heart. There was a time when I used to know this season like the back of my hand but since it’s been so long and I’ve watched like thousands of episodes of different TV in that time, there was a LOT about this season that I had actually forgotten.

1.01 – Oh Eric Close is so pretty! Vivian and her headset!!! Old school! LMAO! Maggie talking to her Dad about her love life? Cringe. Equal cringing is given to the Jack/Sam/collar scene. I’d forgotten how much I like the background piano score in this show. Danny/Martin competition. Sam insisting that it’s the father! [“Guess he’s more than just a pretty face.”] Concorde! How old is this?! Lol. I forgot all about Martin getting hit on the head and having to go to hospital.

1.02 – That’s that kid from HIMYM and Wizards Of Waverly Place, right? Hee Martin getting punished. Danny still doesn’t like him! Love the little Martin/Samantha exchange there. Yay for Martin/Vivian friendship. The Goo Goo Dolls poster! Super cool tackle Martin! [“I heard you got a little wet.” “Beats sweating my ass off in the dog house.”]

1.03 – Those two actors have been on like every show! Nice Samantha … all those digs at Jack’s marriage. Homeless woman offering Martin a lick of her ice cream! Martin/Vivian friendship. [“Scream.”]

1.04 – Cute cat!! Chet Collins!!!! I forgot ALL about him!!! [“You’re a hope junkie like the rest of us”] So sad, poor Becky. [“You can hang on to me”] Awwh Jack, I might actually like you this season.

1.05 – Oh God it’s THE episode. Danny/Martin with their cool sunglasses. OMG the tension when Danny is inside the house and Spalding comes back! Van Doren!!!! [“What kind of ambiguity?” “The ambiguous kind.”] Danny being all apologetic. Vivian covering for Jack. Here we go … the Jack/Spaulding/Moby scene … So so creepy but powerful.

1.06 – Do you reckon this episode was meant to come earlier? The reference to Danny/Martin still not getting on but in the last episode they were working together fine. There should be a rule where Samantha doesn’t get to talk to Jack about marriage and divorce. It’s just awkward. Grey’s Anatomy shooter guy!!! Danny/boy so cute!!! [“It’s simple: a plane is not supposed to be in the sky. It’s not natural.” “Neither was that flight attendant but you weren’t afraid of her.”] Nice leaving it open-ended with the possibility that Kent is still alive.

1.07 – Oh Vivian I love you but that jacket …. Really? It’s Elizabeth Banks!!! Amateurs! Clearly the FBI would ask for proof that the perp had the girl before agreeing to a ransom drop. Is that paedophilia taking photos of cute children without their parents’ permission? Ouch Vivian, you dug the knife deep into Jack there. Nice twist focussing most of the episode on that family before realising that the wrong child got kidnapped. Love the team all at the desk on the phone. Vivian finally gets a chance to shine.

1.08 – Ooh Martin’s really annoyed with Danny!! Mention of Vivian and her brother! I couldn’t even remember she had a brother. [“Didn’t know they made them like this at the Bureau.” “Yeah, I walk and talk and I’m anatomically correct too.”] Danny/Polly. Whatever happened/didn’t happen there?!

1.09 – [“Oh look, paediatrics, maybe he’s a paedophile!”] LOL Sam. I remember this episode – it’s where Martin’s convinced the guy is a terrorist, right? And everyone else on the team doesn’t, especially Samantha. [“It’s Samantha, nobody calls me Sam”]. This episode was so good. I mean not good in the way it ended but the way they had Martin be sort of prejudiced, then try to save the guy and be all distressed when SWAT shot him and how they ended the episode with showing what he had actually been talking about when he talked about blowing stuff up.

1.10 – That woman is Tyra’s Mum in Friday Night Lights!!!!!!!! Nice little Jack/Vivian interaction there

1.11 – Dude, even if I lived in the safest town in the world I would never not lock my door or leave my keys in my car! Extensive use of Avril Lavigne in this episode. Danny the alcoholic! Awh sweet Martin/Samantha moment. Interesting case, I don’t know why but I thought that the mayor did it. Turns out he was just Trainer’s alibi. Awhh Sam/girl.

– Love Sam’s theory! She’s so cynical! Martin/Danny banter. It’s AJ BUCKLEY! Hee!  Vivian going undercover! So glad they got that son of a bitch.

1.13 – Chet Collins! Rosalind Chao! Vivian putting Jack in his place! OMG look at that old school wire!! Oh wow, this episode!! See it’s episodes like this one which remind me why I loved this show so much! Amazing!

1.14 – Coldplay!!! Cute Danny/Sam moment there! Hee one of my favourites! Martin/Samantha and Josh Hopkins “Eric Keller” and Tim Matheson!!!! Jack’s lonely heart ad and Vivian’s response “My husband is looking better every day!”. LOL! Georgia Peach! LOL! [“Hey, you think it’s easy being surrounded by guys with guns all day?” “I thought you liked guys with guns.” “I like the guns.”] Martin/Samantha/football. Oh I love this Martin/Samantha moment <3.

– I love that this show does the flashback thing. It makes the whole episode more interesting. [“I guess love is blind … and deaf … and very very dumb.” “Spoken like a true romantic.”] Interesting case. I vaguely remembered the father-in-law having something to do with it. Weirdly I like the Martin/Jack banter/conversation in this episode.

1.16 – It’s Amber Tamblyn!!!! Danny backstory!

1.17 – I can’t remember much about this episode apart from the fact I remember it’s not one of my favourites. It’s Mac from Friday Night Lights! That is an AWFUL tie Martin! Martin’s father!!!! [“How was Washington?” “DC as in Didn’t Co-operate.”] I forgot how much this show relies on polygraphs. It was actually quite an interesting episode in the end.

1.18 – Ooh the Delia Rivers episode! Josh Hopkins again! That ADA guy is pretty suspicious. Martin/Samantha … [“You and Delia – fuzzy boundaries.” “That’s how I like my relationships. Nice and complicated.” “Clearly.”] – the way she holds his gaze after he says that and he has to change the subject “Who the hell is Hilary Duff?”]. Interesting case. Poor Delia Rivers!

1.19 – IT’S CHRISTOPHER GORHAM/AUGGIE!!!!!!!!! WHAT is up with Danny’s hair?????? Seriously?! Hee Danny/Martin/vampire talk. [“It’s five flight of stairs.” “Better than a stairmaster.”] IT’S THAT CREEPY LOOKING GUY FROM LOST!!! IT’S ROBERT JOY!!!! I actually can’t believe that Jack and Sam thought that the guy’s parents were controlling! I didn’t think that at all. I can’t stop staring at Danny’s oiled hair. Is he trying to be Jack or something? Danny’s hair is back to being cute and fluffy! Danny’s slicked back hair is back.

1.20 – Vivian/Reggie!!!!!! [“Hey Viv, are you and Dante dating or something …?” “I’d watch it if I were you. She has a wicked left hook.”] Danny’s fluffy hair is back! Love the Danny/Sam banter. The mother killed her son!

1.21 – Oh THIS episode! That Andy kid looks a bit like Harry Potter, right? Graham Spaulding is CREEPY. Van Doren! OPR!!! All the flashbacks!!! Danny badmouthing Martin! Samantha and Vivian are not impressed! Ugh Jack/Samantha. [“This is where I work you little pencil-pushing maggot.”] Vivian’s loyalty to Jack is endearing. Danny/Sam/Vivian telling OPR guy to shove it. Fast-forward the Jack/Samantha scene there. Spaulding went free? Kill me now. Ugh.

1.22/1.23 – IT’S MINELLI!!!! Gregory Itzin has been in EVERYTHING. Oh this episode … Barry Mashburn and the bookstore hostage situation. Van Doren! Martin’s jealous! I love that they based it around 9/11 and wove that into the story. Samantha got shot! Jack the “hero”. Martin/Samantha


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