Covert Affairs: 2×07 – Half a World Away

I am really liking Covert Affairs this season (apart from the season premiere).  It gets even better when we don’t try to give Annie a new love interest every single episode and what has it been – 6 episodes in a row that we haven’t had a mention of Ben?  (Though, apparently this week’s episode […]

'… Reunited And It Feels So Good …'

MY CAST Also, I never realised how heavily invested I am in Morgan/Prentiss’ (platonic) relationship until I discovered myself really hoping/looking forward to some serious Morgan/Prentiss angst/fallout (I mean he did hold her whilst she basically bled out and told him to let her die – and he called her “baby”).  I can totally see Morgan […]

White Collar: 3×05 – Veiled Threat

I really, really, really liked this episode. In fact I may go as far as to say it is my favourite episode of the series so far. I love it when my characters play happy families with each other and obviously this German U-boat treasure thing has been coming between Neal and Peter so it’s […]