Covert Affairs: 2×07 – Half a World Away

I am really liking Covert Affairs this season (apart from the season premiere).  It gets even better when we don’t try to give Annie a new love interest every single episode and what has it been – 6 episodes in a row that we haven’t had a mention of Ben?  (Though, apparently this week’s episode is ALL about him to make up for it?  *sigh*).
I am loving all the cute Auggie/Annie moments, the fact that Anna Dudek is getting something to do, Joan being awesome, Jamie Alexander’s (2 episode?) arc.  However, last week’s Auggie-centric episode?  WOW.  It was possibly the most interesting hour of this show ever.  The story behind how he became blind Anyway, yes, next week back to the Ben issue.  Every time he appears I really hope that the episode ends in his death.  It’s not even that I particularly dislike his character – I just hate that his character even exists.  Way to make an otherwise smart, intelligent, independent kickass woman a blithering, irrational wreck.  And I still do not buy the whole premise that Annie joined the CIA to track him down.  Seriously, who joins the CIA to find a one-off holiday romance – a childhood sweetheart maybe but someone you met on a beach on holiday?!?!  Ugh, this show has great characters, great potential, great individual episodes but is seriously flawed when it comes to long-term story arcs (like apparently Annie has this new boyfriend/love interest – the doctor guy and yet we haven’t heard/seen him since that one episode).  I sort of get the impression that the individual episode writers don’t communicate with each other, like the fact in the first 4 episodes of this season Annie had 4 different possible love interests in a row.  Give it a rest.  All anyone cares about is the Auggie/Annie scenes anyway.


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