Combat Hospital: 1×13 – Do No Harm

I thought by its premise it would be Grey’s Anatomy in Afghanistan or rather Off The Map in the desert. Sort of is, sort of isn’t. It doesn’t have the hilarious witty dialogue and one-liners that Grey’s Anatomy is famed for, nor the constant sex but it does have medical stuff and camaderie.

It takes awhile to find its feet but once you get to a few episodes in, there are some really good episodes. It is, as you would expect, heavily focussed on the medicine and the war and the Afghan/western relationship.

Best characters / story arcs:

Will / Rafeeq

He’s a no-nonsense head Nurse who builds up a relationship with this Afghan orphan who doesn’t speak. It’s adorable.

Colonel Marks

Tough but fair boss.

Vans the Interpreter

He’s awesome. Not to spoil it but there is one episode that surrounds him that you will never forget.

Rebecca/Bobby friendship

She’s Canadian, he’s American. They come over on the plane together and have this endearing friendship and let’s face it, how many male/female friendships are there with no UST and no shipping potential?


She’s an Australian psychiatrist. She is awesome and Rebecca’s friend and roommate.


(He played the Prince in ‘The Prince & Me’ in case you’re a Julia Stiles fan like me …..  She apparently played Catherine in Hawaii Five-0 but I couldn’t remember seeing her at all.  Epic fail)

I said that this show wasn’t about romantic relationships and it isn’t but then there’s these two. Basically despite the playful flirting at the beginning, you begin to think that they are never going to go there (he’s a bad boy with a reputation and deep, dark secret as they all do … and she’s too smart for all that.  Plus they are trapped on a base in Afghanistan) and then in the last 3 episodes it all kicks off and they end up being OTP.

As to the finale itself – I can’t believe they killed Suzie. And like killed her outright – she didn’t even get a dying speech / will they won’t they save her moment.  I felt really sorry for Bobby as well – although everyone had a nice story arc, I kind of feel they left his story very much unfinished and this whole Suzie thing didn’t help.


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