Castle: 4×01- Rise

Okay, so it probably would have been a good idea to have rewatched the finale before seeing this episode. The summary at the beginning wasn’t nearly enough to make me relive what I felt back in May and now everything is rusty.

The opening sequence was beautifully done even if I did think things were getting a touch melodramatic with the Castle/Martha “I put her in the crosshairs” bit.

Beckett doesn’t remember anything … or does she?! I so bet she does! Look at the way she was watching Castle closely, reading his reaction.

Iron Gates. Hee.

And then the rest of the episode happened. High points being that Castle/Beckett moment on the swing and Castle/Alexis. Low point being the case. What was that?! That was a pathetic attempt at a case, even if this episode wasn’t about the casework.

Interesting game-changer with Castle having to persuade Beckett to stop investigating her mother’s case. The whole mythology and backstory is a bit blurry in my head so can’t comment on how realistic this whole thing is.

I really really don’t know why I can’t get into this show as much as the rest of the fandom. I think it’s Castle – when he’s not having those “I’m in love with Beckett” moments, I find him quite irritating.

PS. See I knew Beckett remembered!


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