The Mentalist: 4×01 – Scarlet Ribbons

So I had a LOT of questions after last season’s finale and this episode answered, erm, most of them and then proceeded to leave me with a ton more, which is a sign of a good episode, right? Anyway, it was a really interesting episode, I was hooked and it drew me back into the flaily “this is why I love this show” mood so there’s that.

LISBON IN HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually thought they would skip over that part and have a time jump. Awwh, she’s so worried about Jane … and then Bertram is a dick. Can we all agree that after a scene like that surely Bertram has to be evil. He did quote poetry for a reason dammit. Even if I have to write it in my own canon Bertram is working for Red John, end of story.

Jane is actually concerned for Lisbon. And makes her laugh. I loved the Jane/Lisbon scenes in this episode. But even if it was Red John he killed, she isn’t a little mad at him???? I mean, dude, rewind to Season One.

They did a good job with Van Pelt. I think the way she was this episode was quite realistic considering everything she’s been through. Cho and Rigsby were awesome.

I did not expect them to find out the truth about Timothy Carter so soon. I thought it would be something they dragged out so we weren’t sure whether he was an innocent guy or not but I suppose this was the only way to get Jane out of prison and get back to the procedural element of the show.

Whoever played his wife was a pretty awesome actress. Although when you watch as many shows as me, you tend to suspect everyone of not being who they seem, I did think she was the innocent, naïve wife ….. and then she turned into this evil bitch. But she was very convincing, yes? There was a minute there when I did think that Timothy Carter was actually innocent (but then obviously Jane would spend the rest of the series in jail until the team found the gun/cell phone – actually that wouldn’t have been a bad angle keeping him in jail for a few episodes), although then I suspected the preacher and the woman as being part of Red John’s cult.

So, yes, the man wasn’t Red John, just as I expected but they did do a pretty good job of explaining their way out of it. Except not really because we still don’t know how he is connected to Red John other than being one of his minions. Ooh intrigue. This episode may totally have gotten me invested in this storyline again.

I have issues though: The way Jane got his bail money and got free of prison? Way too easy. He just happened upon some hardened criminals who happened to be millionaires?? And, wait, they actually let suspected cold blooded killers out on bail??? The fact that Jane got the “not guilty” verdict. WTF? I seriously don’t get that. He had no proof that that guy was Red John and even if he was, even if he obviously deserved to be killed, Jane is still guilty. I mean Timothy Carter’s gun wasn’t found so it wasn’t a case of ‘self defence’. Jane still killed a man in cold blood. What is wrong with the justice system in Sacramento??? And the fact that the jury didn’t even need a long time to deliberate. Basically, Jane should be glad that I wasn’t on the jury panel. I’m not saying he deserved life in prison but I think he definitely deserves some sort of punishment. I mean what kind of message does it send?? I had no idea how the show was going to get Jane out of jail but I am slightly infuriated by this. (Only slightly, I’ll get over it by the next episode I am sure).

I am pretty sure that Lisbon shouldn’t be driving. I know she was driving an Automatic but I am also pretty sure two hands is required. And it wasn’t even that she drove once in desperate circumstances, she spent the whole episode pottering round in her car a day after she had been shot, when she was in extreme pain, on painkillers and only had one usable hand. I mean, dude, Van Pelt should so have been driving in that first instance.

Did it never occur to Jane that real Red John could have told one of his minions all that stuff about his wife and daughter and how they smelled? Yeah, yeah, I know in that moment Jane was enraged and saw red and probably didn’t have time to consider that possibility but I mean Jane’s really got to start accepting that Red John is smarter than him.

I still don’t know whether Bertram is evil or not. This really bothers me.


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