Grey's Anatomy: 8×01 – Free Falling & 8×02 – She's Gone

I need to start by saying how completely awesome and adorable Teddy was in this episode. She is like what Arizona was to me in Season 5 and 6 – a pure bundle of cuteness. Teddy >>>> everyone else basically.

And then the episodes ….. Information overload. I think the only way to deal with this is in list-format.

The Good:

Throughout all the seasons Meredith and Cristina have never actually been roommates and now they’re living together and raising a baby! HEE! Derek and Owen so not caring. Lol.

OMG Arizona holding baby Sofia. Yeah, I said I was done with this whole Callie/Arizona/Mark/baby crap but it’s Arizona holding a baby. Quite possibly the only thing which makes babies endearing. Oh no wait, Teddy’s babytalk!!!!! CAN’T STAND THE CUTENESS!!!! [“What’s wrong with her?” “She’s getting laid. She’s unnaturally cheerful.”]

Lexie/new interns. This show does have really good continuity.

CRISTINA KISSING BABY ZOLA GOODBYE! Stop making me melt! I don’t melt at babytalk but my God! Cuteness overload, especially because it is coming from CRISTINA!

Let’s go back to the whole Meredith/Cristina in this episode ….. dude, Cristina was so amazing in this episode. All last season I was saying how I found her a bit annoying and too arrogant but she was SUPER FANTASTIC in this episode. Just the way she is with Meredith brings out her best and funny side. And she was an awesome friend, even if she had other stuff going on in her life and doesn’t even like babies and yet was great with Zola.

TEDDY IS SO UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME and we’re not even ten minutes in! That scene with Cristina! The fact that they’re getting over their drama. I enjoyed seeing Teddy so cheerful in this episode and willing to give things with Cristina another go and also trying to teach her the basics. And I loved at the end where Cristina actually admitted to her that she was right and that she made a mistake because she was rushing.

HENRY/TEDDY. OMG you guys it was perfect!  Just the fact she’s completely in love and was a basketcase and the Chief had to kick her out of Henry’s surgery.  And then the last scene where they’re lying on his hospital bed and she admits that she was a basketcase and they kiss and Bailey watches them and is disgusted.  Lol.  ❤ ❤ ❤ <3.

The whole Cristina/Owen thing. THANK YOU SHOW!  You dealt with it in the only realistic way possible and that was having Owen back down. I totally called it on the Cristina/baby thing. Everything Meredith said in her speech to Owen is exactly how I see the situation. Cristina simply can’t have that baby for her sake and the child’s. I loved that Meredith spelt it out to him and made him see sense. Loved even more that Meredith used her own experience with her mother and how she knows what it’s like to be an unwanted child and that having this child and not loving it would basically kill Cristina. I also liked that moment where Cristina tells Meredith that she wished she liked children because if she did this whole baby thing would be making her happy and Owen would be talking to her etc. We really got to see Cristina wanting to make the relationship work but you can’t just expect her to change one of the core factors of her personality. And Owen being there for Cristina at the abortion <3. I mean they will still obviously have issues but he finally accepted that he knew who Cristina was when he fell in love with her and he had no right to suddenly expect her to change.  THANK GOD.

Arizona/Alex has that perfect dynamic. Usually these kind of friend/mentor relationship-dynamics in Grey’s Anatomy end up in sex so do you know how nice it is to be able to enjoy the Arizona/Alex for just what it is. Arizona telling Alex that he needs to make up with his friends and [“Also, it means I have to worry about you because no one else is.”]

Cristina/Alex was AWESOME. I loved Cristina beating him up and then making his heart stop and then enlisting his help and then helping him with the EKG at the end. The whole arc was nice and it was kind of realistic how Alex went from being hated guy to back to being a friend at the end.

Alex/Meredith ….. just that moment at the end where he puts his arm around her and helps her walk away. Gah. I LOVE THAT MOMENT. I love the Alex/Meredith relationship.  I want more of it in future episodes.

April ….. well, I can’t say I particularly felt sorry for her for being an epically bad Chief Resident and for screwing up but I did like the Avery/April friendship bit at the end.

Arizona/Callie/Mark/baby ….. yeah, I know I’m not meant to care but they were all really cute in this episode. That scene near the end where they are all watching to see what happens with Derek/Meredith/Zola and then they all run to go and check on baby Sofia and then debate about whether they should wake her up or not.  CUTE.

THE CHIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chief! < 3 ❤ I think it’s fair to say that he has never been as great as he was in this episode! I  mean the way his story inter-connected with the Teddy/Henry as well. Teddy knew something was up, thought it was just her being a crazy wife but it was actually because the Chief wanted Henry to have the device fitted before all the shit went down. I mean I know he handed the trial over to Bailey (yay, loved their whole interaction too) but, you know, just in case for some reason the trial couldn’t continue at least Teddy’s husband has the treatment. Remember when he didn’t approve of the relationship.

What do I feel about him sacrificing himself and taking full responsibility so that Meredith can get her job back? Well, I guess it was the only option. Obviously Meredith had to be fired but clearly we couldn’t have what might be Meredith’s final season having her sit at home do nothing so what other way could she continue practising surgery at Seattle Grace? This. And let’s face it the Chief did technically ruin Meredith’s childhood and she did help him with the drinking thing and he did basically silently willed her to make sure Adele got the drug and she took a huge risk because she wanted the best for him and Adele, plus he’s had a successful career and needs to have more free time to look after Adele anyway, not to mention the fact he needed to do this so that Meredith could keep (hopefully) Zola. On the other hand will everyone resent Meredith when she goes back to work? If I were her could I let the Chief take the blame for this? I mean the guilt! I know this way it does in a way work out best for both parties but still having to carry around that weight with me …. It’s such a complex situation but I kind of loved the way it played out because I didn’t see it coming. What this episode really needed was a scene at the end with Chief/Meredith. I hope we get one next week where Meredith says she’s going to tell the truth and pay the consequences and Chief persuades her that it’s better this way.

The Bad:

Don’t talk to me about the Derek/Meredith/Zola thing. I knew it would be painful but I hate Derek being like this. It’s like that time in Season 2 where he basically called Meredith a whore and hates her even when he had no right to judge considering he strung her along and never told her he was married etc. That really tainted him for me but I think this is even worse. He now is fighting to keep his baby and he still can’t cut Meredith some slack even when he must understand on some level why she did what she did. I mean, yes, what she did was wrong on a professional level but it doesn’t make her a bad person and unfit to be a mother. Ugh, he needs to get over it.


It was weird seeing the random couple at the start. For a minute there I wondered whether I was watching the right show. Grey’s never does that sort of intro with focussing on the patients pre-injury! Can’t say I particularly cared about them. I can’t believe there were only 2 sets of main patients in 2 episodes.

The Gunther storyline was, well, it was. I was just watching and waiting until we got to the bit where Cristina hurts Alex.

Overall though, it was a good episode.  Not mind-blowingly good but I was certainly satisfied as to how several storylines played out (apart from Derek/Meredith) and I wasn’t expecting to be.  There were a lot more cute moments than I was expecting and let’s face it the core message of this episode is that Cristina is Meredith’s person and their friendship is one of the most important things about the show and they really really explored that well in this episode <3.


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