CSI:NY: 8×01 – Indelible

I’m sorry but I don’t buy the Claire/Mac relationship. I think it’s because I’ve seen the actress in stuff before, didn’t particularly like the characters she played (Remember Life Unexpected anyone? Also, Veronica Mars) and she just seems more “steamy seductress” (aka in ‘Veronica Mars’) than Mac’s tragic wife. That’s just my own tainted opinion. This is why I prefer it when we get guest-stars that I don’t know (e.g. the wife in last week’s The Mentalist).  Also, continuity – Mac got rid of everything that reminded him of her apart from photos and the beach ball, so clearly those opera tickets don’t count?? Also, she’s meant to have blue eyes and not brown. I’m just saying that if you’re going to describe her in previous episodes and then introduce a character you’ve been talking about for 7/8 seasons, some continuity would be nice.

However, when we get to the bit when they are on the phone and we see that she’s just come out of the WTC, I forget everything above and was just with them in that moment and the noise of the plane flying overhead ………

I think the 9/11 stuff generally was well done. I liked seeing Jo’s perspective.  FLACK!!! And the first ever Danny/Flack meeting. That scene <3. Sid/Hawkes/Mac … *sniff*

I am not a big fan of Adam but that Adam/Lindsay scene is, I think, my favourite Adam scene EVER. In fact, as much as that Danny/Flack moment was great, the Adam/Lindsay wins the award for the best scene of the episode.

The end sequence with Mac’s speech and then the memorial and the beach was really moving <3.

I don’t know how I feel seeing Danny in uniform. I mean it was okay until he put the hat on and then it just made me giggle.

Adam mouthing the conversation with Jo/potential new boss was funny as was Lindsay walking in on him but what was that on Lindsay’s T-shirt? It looks like a painting of an intestine.

I didn’t like the way the case was wrapped up with that scene with the girl in the bar. I just didn’t buy her performance and I still don’t understand why killing the bouncer was necessary. And just the way she was like “well, I’m a druggie and I owed money” and then the “I’ll never forget the look on his face”. Ugh.


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