Grey's Anatomy: 8×07 – Put Me In, Coach

Alex is my hero this season. He is being all the things I knew he was deep down but we only got to see in flashes before. In another world Alex/Meredith would be so awesome together but in this world I love their friendship a crazy amount. And the opening of this episode was totally […]

Chuck: 5×01 – Chuck Versus The Zoom

Remember when I said at the end of last season that I’m not keen on this whole “Morgan has the Intersect” thing? Well, that still stands but it was a lot more bearable than I thought it would be. For a start, it was nice how he was more concerned about how Chuck felt about […]

Hawaii Five-0: 2×05 – Ma'ema'e

Best episode this season so far. Starting right from the start with the interesting opening with the volleyball coach. The first episode where we met Lori, I didn’t really warm to her but she’s growing on me. Now that Kono’s coming back to 5-O does that mean she will be leaving soon? I kind of […]

Nikita: 2×05 – Looking Glass

Okay so I follow one of the writers on Twitter and he sort of spoiled me by justifying the Max storyline in a few consecutive tweets since fans were up in arms. Although he didn’t say who Max was, I had a pretty good guess so I went into the show knowing preparing myself for […]

Grey's Anatomy: 8×05 – Love, Loss and Legacy

Favourite episode of Grey’s Anatomy so far this season! You remember what I said last week about Jackson Avery?  Well, his mother – now there’s a character who is interesting.  Can we bring her on as a recurring character?!  I liked her interaction with all the characters, especially when she found out about Meredith and […]

Nikita: 2×04 – Partners

First up it was definitely an interesting idea to revisit the case during which Nikita faked her death and made her escape from Division. OF COURSE someone had to get captured/hurt in the process and of course Nikita feels guilty and responsible. Will Nikita ever not feel the need to save the world? Go-Go is […]

Criminal Minds: 7×04 – Painless

LOL!  This photo, as well as making me almost spit out my drink, reminds me that we still have a Strauss-plot thread outstanding.  Wonder when we’re going to find out what’s going on with her. When Prentiss was in Paris she played loads of online games of scrabble with JJ.  That is just Criminal Minds […]

Pan Am: 1×03 – Ich Bin Ein Berliner

Why hello there new favourite show.  3 episodes in and we already have the most heartbreaking storyline / scene of the TV season.  Oh Colette.  I just want to give you major major hugs right now.  Also, she is ridiculously pretty, especially when she’s sharing scenes with my imaginary boyfriend Captain Dean Lowrey. And Maggie!  […]

Castle: 4×04 – Kick The Ballistics

Although I can hardly remember anything about the serial killer story arc apart from the fact he is creepy Hardy-from-The-Mentalist is now Ted on Pan Am, I really enjoyed this episode. In fact I think that if the show was more about Ryan and Esposito than Castle and Beckett I would actually enjoy it a […]

Idina Menzel @ Royal Albert Hall, London (06 October 2011)

I want to marry Idina Menzel. Seriously, not only is her voice the most magical thing ever but she looked gorgeous on stage in her white dress and bare feet. Plus she dissed Glee! She DISSED GLEE, you guys!  It was the funniest thing ever!  She even mouthed the words “what the —-“ in relation […]