Criminal Minds: 7×02 – Proof

(Seriously, how pretty is JJ here?!?!)

JJ: Spence, we got to talk about this.
Reid: Don’t want to talk about it.
JJ: I get it, OK? You’re disappointed with the way we handled Emily.
Reid: I have a lot going on, alright?
JJ: You, you know what I think it is? You’re mad that Hotch and I controlled our micro-expressions at the hospital and you weren’t able to detect our deception.
Reid: You think it’s about my profiling skills? Jennifer, listen, the only reason you were able to manage my perceptions is because I trusted you. I came to your house 10 weeks in a row crying over losing a friend and not once did you have the decency to tell me the truth.
JJ: I couldn’t.
Reid: You couldn’t? Or you wouldn’t?
JJ: No, I couldn’t
Reid: What if I started taking Dilaudid again, would you have let me?
JJ: You didn’t.
Reid: Yeah, but I thought about it.
JJ: Spence. I’m sorry.
Reid: It’s too late, alright?

Prentiss: Hey Morgan, what do I do about Reid?
Morgan: Emily, there’s a lot about you being back that’s unresolved.
Prentiss: Are you pissed at me too?
Morgan: C’mon now, how can I be?  You’re here.
Prentiss: Thank you because I know what you went through: grief counselling, you carried my coffin ….
Morgan: Yeah, sure did.  What was in that thing anyway?!

Reid: People have an innate curiosity to see things in order to confirm them.
Prentiss: Ah, that explains why I’m going to Rossi’s tomorrow night.  I want to see if he really can cook.  You coming?
Reid: I don’t know.  I’m not so sure I can make it.
Prentiss: Look Reid, I know you’re mad at us because we didn’t tell you what really happened and I understand that but I promise you we had no choice.  You mourned the loss of a friend.  I mourned the loss of six.  This whole thing gave me an ulcer.  Please don’t give me another one.  Are you going to go to Rossi’s tomorrow?
Reid: I’ll see.

Prentiss: So when do we get to drink the wine?!
JJ: Now?

The case was creepy and twisted but interesting. The Sulphuric acid though …..and when they showed the bodies with their eyes all burnt out. Eeek.  And just the way a part of you still kind of feels sympathetic to the perp because of his disability and then you get to the end and you realise just how sick and twisted he is, disability or not.

I loved the Reid/JJ fallout. They have a very rare relationship that I don’t think is mirrored on other shows <3.   I love how they brought up Reid’s drug addiction and how Prentiss’ death almost caused him to relapse.  How interesting would it have been if Reid had started using again – what would JJ have done?  She’d be balancing Prentiss’ safety in one hand and Reid’s in the other.  Interesting scenario – glad the drugs didn’t make a reappearance though.  I loved how Hotch tells Reid to be mad at him and Reid says “I can’t.  I didn’t come to your house crying for 10 weeks.”  Can we rewind to those ten weeks and have a look at some of those Reid/JJ scenes please?

See, I really really wanted Morgan/Prentiss fallout, especially after all they went through together!  I know we got his mega shocked face last episode but is that really enough?  That scene where she asks if he’s pissed at her too was pretty sweet, especially just the way he said “c’mon now, how can I be?  You’re here.”  But I think the wish for angsty Morgan/Prentiss outweighs the sweetness of that scene.  I guess the writers didn’t want to have two sets of characters not talking to each other at once?  Morgan is taking it all remarkably well though and I don’t really think that’s in-character.

Also just generally the fact that the team now hangs out and goes to each other’s houses – WOAH. It’s like “hey, Emily’s back from the dead. Sure Reid is a bit pissed but oooh happy families time! Let’s go to Rossi’s mansion and have Hotch smile and have Rossi refer to the team as a family all in one episode because we are so grateful to the fans we’ll forget that the team don’t necessarily have that bff relationship that the cast does!”  Whatever, I’m not complaining if it gives us scenes like that last one <3.


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