Castle: 4×04 – Kick The Ballistics

Although I can hardly remember anything about the serial killer story arc apart from the fact he is creepy Hardy-from-The-Mentalist is now Ted on Pan Am, I really enjoyed this episode. In fact I think that if the show was more about Ryan and Esposito than Castle and Beckett I would actually enjoy it a lot more.

I still don’t quite get the obsessive relationship between Ryan and his gun. I appreciate all the explanations he gave for why he felt so responsible but I still couldn’t quite get to the level of understanding it. It just gets weirder if you see the gun as some sort of phallic symbolisation but we won’t go there ….

The ending was great though. I really did think that Ben Lee was dead and I kept thinking we would get some major Ryan angst fallout so it was a nice surprise to see that it had been part of the plan. Nicely played show because usually I’ve watched too many crime dramas to fall for things like that.

These are the episodes that I keep watching the show for. Solid case-writing + Ryan <3.


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