Pan Am: 1×03 – Ich Bin Ein Berliner

Why hello there new favourite show.  3 episodes in and we already have the most heartbreaking storyline / scene of the TV season.  Oh Colette.  I just want to give you major major hugs right now.  Also, she is ridiculously pretty, especially when she’s sharing scenes with my imaginary boyfriend Captain Dean Lowrey.

And Maggie!  MAGGIE!  When she has her determined face on (i.e. most of this episode) she is hilarious.  MAGGIE RYAN – THE ULTIMATE 60s FANGIRL.  A small selection of my favourite Maggie faces so far:

loved all the Dean/Colette scenes of course but that scene at the end with Colette/Kate?  GAH.  The way she talked about her parents and the Nazis and just the way Kate didn’t know what to say … I didn’t know what to say after a scene like that!  It’s one of those scenes which leaves you speechless.

And the scene in the embassy/mission when Colette sings the Nazi National Anthem.  It was one of those moments on TV that is just too painful/awkward to watch.  And the look on everyone’s faces.

The most heartbreaking scene though was during Kennedy’s speech when Kate turns back to look at Colette and she’s forcing a smile and a wave with tears in her eyes …. that scene <3.

Maggie and her obsession with Kennedy was hilarious!  FANGIRL!  And don’t we all see a bit of ourselves in her?  I loved the way they chose to do her ~moment~ with Kennedy.  Very clever TV writers!

Still not a fan of the whole CIA/spy/Kate storyline but I can deal with it in small doses and the other characters have lots going on to distract you. I read an interview with former Pan Am stewardesses and apparently the whole spy thing IS based partly on real life.

I thought this episode was really well made.  The way it started at the beginning with the flight out and then showed us the start of the return flight before going back to fill in the previous 24 hours.  Plus I thought the way they filmed the crowds of people rushing to see Kennedy give his speech was nicely done.  And the scene on the staircase with Colette and the people moving around her.


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